Houston Texans Snap Count Report: Newton, Harris Splitting; Posey Rising

Keenum is after the hearts and minds of all Texans fans. - Thomas B. Shea

The Houston Texans suffered yet another close loss last Sunday against the AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts. There's a good deal of hope emanating from the wreckage of that loss, however.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
C Keenum QB 68 / 100 0
W Smith G 68 / 100 22
D Brown T 68 / 100 22
D Newton T 35 / 51 22
R Harris T 35 / 51 22
B Brooks G 68 / 100 22
C Myers C 68 / 100 0
A Johnson WR 64 / 94 0
D Hopkins WR 65 / 96 0
G Graham TE 67 / 99 16
A Foster RB 2 / 3 0
B Tate RB 48 / 71 0
G Jones FB 31 / 46 19
L Jean WR 8 / 12 12
K Martin WR 4 / 6 34
D Posey WR 31 / 46 3
R Griffin TE 5 / 7 81
D Johnson RB 13 / 19 19

You couldn't have dreamed of a better offensive performance in the first half by your Houston Texans. Like Matt mentioned earlier, Andre Johnson must be wondering where Case Keenum has been his whole life (answer: grade school).

vs IND / 11.3.13 Receiving
Rec Yards Avg TD
Andre Johnson 9 229 25.4 3

Dre's first-ever three touchdown day came from the hands of an undrafted quarterback... better late than never. It is a little disheartening to see that Andre has never broken double digits in touchdowns in his career, and it often makes me worry about his chances at making the Hall of Fame in a timely manner after he retires. Keenum might challenge Watt as Hero of Houston if he can somehow continue feeding Andre more touchdowns.  The gentle giant deserves it.

As you can see, the rotation is back in full force at right tackle with Derek Newton and Ryan Harris receiving exactly the same number of snaps. Yesterday, I asked Pro Football Focus about Newton's performance so far via Twitter:

Surprise, haters! Newton is NOT the worst tackle in the league like everyone claims...only the sixth worst. Sigh. But credit to the coaching staff for recognizing this and at least addressing it somehow. Keenum was sacked just one time for 10 yards, thanks to his quick feet and a quick release that helped him escape the pocket a few times as he kept his eyes downfield. I'm also loving his apparent chemistry with DeVier Posey. The two were rookie roommates and have developed a strong relationship off the field.

Defense and Special Teams

Name Position D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
W Mercilus LB 62 / 100 16
K Jackson CB 59 / 95 12
D Swearinger DB 62 / 100 31
B Reed LB 61 / 98 16
J Watt DE 60 /97 16
D Sharpton LB 62 / 100 16
J Joseph CB 62 / 100 6
S Keo FS 48 / 77 47
E Reed FS 32 / 51 3
A Smith DE 57 / 84 12
J Crick DE 10 / 15 28
B McCain CB 46 / 74 38
J Mays LB 30 / 48 9
E Mitchell NT 30 / 48 16
T McClain DT 3 / 5 6
M Mohamed LB 3 / 5 31
J Tuggle LB 1 / 2 53
E Pleasant DB 62
B Braman LB 62
E Mack CB 59
B Harris CB 41
T Gooden LB 56
B Jones C 41

Brice McCain shaved off a few more months of our life expectancies with another rough outing last Sunday. Meanwhile, 2011 second round pick Brandon Harris continues to get no defensive snaps. I hope and expect this to change next week against the Arizona Cardinals. Wade Phillips has to recognize that McCain is a very weak link on this defense and other teams know. For the sake of just evaluating him in preparation for 2014, Harris needs to play.

It's nice to D.J. Swearinger on the field for 100% of the snaps. The rookie has shown tremendous growth since the preseason.

The Ed Reed signing isn't paying any dividends so far, and he's rotating off the field quite a bit. Bamboozled.

These are just my thoughts.  Let's hear yours. Sound off in the Comments. Happy Election Day.

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