Pipe Dream Draft Scenario



The Problem

So it looks like we may have the #1 pick all but locked up at this point. We have a chance to take the "best player" in the draft; there has been a lot of discussion over Clowney v. Bridgewater since the first loss to the Jags. Or we could trade back a la St. Louis in RGIII trade and be set up to fill holes in the roster...and there are a lot of them. Free agency is always an option to fill holes in the roster, but considering the cap situation, it's not a practical solution.

Assuming we get a large trade offer, do we still use the pick on a solitary "best player" with so many holes to fill?

The Solution

Honestly I would be fine with either the Clown or Bwater, but ever since I watched video breakdowns of Blake Bortles, I've been really high on him. He hasn't declared for the draft yet, but assuming he does, he would probably be a high first round pick, but not #1 overall high. If Bortles declares, I would prefer to trade back a few spots to select him and acquire some extra picks.

I am hoping the Browns are desperate for Clowney or Bridgewater and they give us all their picks from the first three rounds, and believe it or not, the value works. Add that to the players returning from IR, and presumably a couple compensatory picks for Barwin and Quin, and we would have the firepower to push out the old guard and bring in the new.

Imagine this...4 picks in the top 40, 6 picks in the top 75, 8 picks in the top 130, and 12 picks overall. BOOM!

The Rake

1. Blake Bortles QB Central Florida - Comes in and immediately competes with Keenum for the starting QB job. Nothing should be handed to him, but I have to believe from what I've seen, he wins the job...easily.

1. Kyle Van Noy OLB/DE BYU - Solid pass rushing, against run and in coverage. Probably a better fit in 34 as OLB.

2. Cameron Erving OT Florida State - Hologram's replacement. Brennan William's knee situation worries me and no other tackle on the roster is worthy.

2. Shayne Skov LB Stanford - Versatile LB. Could fit in both 34 and 43.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU - WR isn't a huge need, but this looks like BPA. I want Keshawn and Lestar out. OB is the WR4 and Lemon and Bonner can duke it out for the final spot.

3. Kelcy Quarles NT/DT South Carolina - DL depth. Could challenge camp star EMFM for NT and/or play DT in a scheme change.

4. Dion Bailey FS Southern California - With Ed the Bamoozler Reed gone and Manning's future up in the air, Keo and Swag need some help.

4. Andre Hal CB Vandy* - Talented DB to groom. Shouldn't have to start immediately, but would probably play in nickel and dime situations considering the current options are garbage.

5. Chris Burnett OG/C Georgia - Oline depth

6. Ben Malena RB/KR Texas A&M - RB3 and potential KR and PR.

6. Jacob Pederson TE Wisconsin* - Because TE from Wisconsin. Does that trend continue without Kubes?

7. Chris Coyle HB Arizona State - Versatile blocker and pass catcher out of the backfield.

Compensatory picks for Quin & Barwin*

Returning from IR in last year's draft: Brennan Williams, David Quessenberry, Alec Lemon, Trevardo Williams, and Alan Bonner.

The Results

This leaves us with 17 players, all essentially rookies, more than enough to push out the likes of Schaub, PBGWS, Newton, Martin, McCain and whoever else the front office deems useless. If the front office hits on even a quarter of these guys, we should have 4 or 5 quality players for years to come.

Now we just need a Sith Lord whispering in Michael Lombardi's ear...someone call Daryl Morey.

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