Houston Texans Snap Count Report (Texans v. Patriots): Smith & Jones Rotating; Posey Down, Martin Up

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10 losses in a row. Your Houston Texans continue their Bataan-style Death March toward the end of the season with another close loss... this time to the New England Patriots. Here's how the team deployed its roster.

Our weekly snap count makes its return now that I'm back from vacation. Thankfully, I missed that Jaguars game completely. Judging from the box score of that "game," I consider myself lucky for missing it. The All-22 for that game shall remained sealed away forever.

Your Houston Texans put up a much better display yesterday by giving the New England Patriots everything they could handle. Ultimately and predictably, it wasn't enough.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
C Keenum QB 60 / 100 0
W Smith G 33 / 55 16
D Brown T 60 / 100 16
D Newton T 33 / 55 16
R Harris T 27 / 45 16
B Brooks G 60 / 100 16
C Myers C 60 / 100 0
B Jones C / G 27 / 45 39
A Johnson WR 58 / 97 0
D Hopkins WR 56 / 93 0
G Graham TE 60 / 100 0
D Johnson RB 11 / 18 0
B Tate RB 49 / 82 0
G Jones FB 16 / 27 32
L Jean WR 0 / 0 6
K Martin WR 24 / 40 32
D Posey WR 3 / 5 0
R Griffin TE 22 / 37 74
J Byrne TE 1 / 2 16

They merry-go-round continues for Wade Smith and Ben Jones with close to a 50/50 split of playing time. This has been the trend for the last few weeks, but it proved to be much more effective this time. Ben Tate's 20-yard touchdown late in the second quarter was thanks in part to Ben Jones clearing his man (former Texan Chris Jones #94) out of the way.


Despite bobbling a pass that ended up being intercepted against the Jaguars, Keshawn Martin saw the most playing time of any receiver not named Andre Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins. He was targeted just one time, though, for a catch and run of 27 yards. DeVier Posey saw very little playing time for whatever reason.

DeAndre Hopkins had a beautiful over-the-shoulder catch that helped the offense keep up with Tom Brady and the Patriots. He was targeted five times for 2 catches and 77 yards. Here are his numbers for the season.

DeAndre Hopkins 2013 - Receiving
G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD
12 41 631 52.6 15.4 66 2

This is about what you'd expect from a rookie wide receiver. It won't be good enough for any Rookie of the Year votes, especially on a team losing the way this one is.


Name Position D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
W Mercilus LB 69 / 99 26
D Swearinger DB 64 / 91 26
B Reed LB 70 / 100 26
J Watt DE 67 / 96 26
D Sharpton LB 55 / 79 26
J Mays LB 45 / 64 3
J Tarpinian LB 27 / 39 58
J Joseph CB 66 / 94 10
K Jackson CB 63 / 90 13
S Keo FS 70 / 100 19
A Smith DE 59 / 84 26
J Crick DE 12 / 17 52
B McCain CB 36 / 51 23
B Harris CB 3 / 4 32
E Mitchell NT 34 / 49 26
T McClain DT 5 / 7 0
E Pleasant SS 24 / 34 48
J Tuggle LB 52
M Mohamed LB 58
J Victorian DB 55
B Braman LB 1 / 1 58
D Karim RB 32
E Mack CB 35

Not much of note, really, except that it was nice to see Kareem Jackson on the field again. In one of his three snaps on defense, Brandon Harris made a great play to stop a third down conversion against Rob Gronkowski. Good for him, but he's not living up to his second-round draft billing unfortunately.

D.J. Swearinger had himself a busy day with 8 total tackles, including 1 TFL. None of his tackles were of the "Hey! Get back here!" variety. He appeared to have learned from his mistake against the Raiders and brought his man down with authority.

That's it for me. Let us hear your thoughts, as always.

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