Why we shouldn't wait for the Whiz

Ok so back in the days when we hired Kubiak from Denver we had to wait until Denver finished off deep in the playoffs before we could even INTERVIEW him because that's the rules. And honestly it would destabilize playoff teams to have their coaches suddenly serve two masters. So the rules make sense.


What if part of Gary's suckitude as a coach wasn't really his coaching ability but his choice of staff? And what if his choice of staff was based on what was left after Denver went so deep into the playoffs? Once there wasn't much coaching talent left by the time Gary got hired, maybe he just decided to go with his buddies instead of doing a genuine search for talent? Doing that genuine search for talent might not be able to take into account the "trust" factor since the more talented guys might or might not be trustworthy or "have your back" when you need them the most. *

The whole point of firing Kubiak when we did was to get a jump on the job of finding his replacement and I would presume to have the pick of the litter of the other coaching talents as well for the rest of the new coaches staff.

I'm sure McNair has seen this reel before about having to wait 'til a coach you want to interview is allowed to interview. It sort of worked out -- got us to two AFC South Championship titles (ignoring the Colts plunge to even greater suck during those two years that we won). But we still ended up firing the coach that we waited so many weeks to hire.

We didn't name Kubiak HC until Jan 26, 2006 and we got the runts of the litter for coaching assistants because all the good to great talent that was left was on the Denver staff. It might not have been just that Kubiak was a "good ol' boy" -- it might have been that he made do with what he had. The only down side was that he never got out of the surviving a sinking ship mentality about his coaches. I'm guessing that he felt like his coaching staff had his back when he needed them and he wanted to have their backs when they needed him. Good stuff for being in the military in a life or death battle on the beach but maybe not the best stuff for assembling the best and brightest coaching talent. And that "I've got your back" concept can certainly bite you in the arse when you refuse to hold your coaches accountable for their failures.

There's a time and a place for everything and maybe loyal to a fault is not needed in the NFL SuperBowl races.

Sure, runts can grow up to be big and strong but they have to be nurtured. Does Mr. McNair have time or interest in nurturing more runts to maturity in the coaching world? I don't think so.

And then there's the concept that maybe the best and brightest coaches might not all get along with each other **. So as much as we might despise "the good ol' boy network" and like a more merit based system there's something to be said for coaches "all getting along" which is why it makes sense to try to let coaches hire their buddies unless their buddies are bloody incompetent.***

*see Jason Garrett suspected of stabbing Wade Phillips in the back and tanking on purpose to make Jerry Jones fire Wade.

** See Buddy Ryan hitting Kevin Gilbride during a nationally televised football game in 1993

*** See Frank Bush DC for the worst defensive years of the Texans back in 2009 and 2010

What say you, BRB? Should we be thorough and wait 'til we've spoken with everyone we initially wanted on our list? Or should we go with O'Brien and batten down the hatches full speed ahead?

I'm really concerned that we'd lose O'Brien if we pussyfoot around too long with our search. And I'm also concerned that we'd get the coaching staff from San Diego if we were to get Whisenhunt -- not because the SD coaches are so damn good but you've got to hit the field running and if Whisenhunt goes too deep into the playoffs we might only be left with the runts of the litter again. Is SD that good that we want a new train of talent and coaching from SD to Houston? Reminiscent of the Denver to Houston trail of hires?

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