Bill O'Brien Update: Struggling With Leaving Players At Penn State?

Leaving isn't always easy. - Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

A flurry of tweets this evening makes it sound like the Penn State coach and Houston Texans head coaching candidate is having a difficult time with the prospect of leaving his players at Penn State. Check it out and weigh in with your thoughts here.

Updating the earlier update on Bill O'Brien and the Texans' efforts to make him the third head coach in franchise history...

Houston sports fans know (or should know) John Harris. He's a longtime radio host on 1560 The Game and Yahoo Sports Radio. Or was until yesterday, when YSR made the foolish decision to terminate him. I say "foolish" because Harris was one of the, if not the, most knowledgeable hosts in the market. He actually played college football and coached high school football, so he knows that of which he speaks. Guess where he played college football?

Brown University.

Guess who was a teammate of his at Brown University?

Some dude named Bill O'Brien.

Before we get to what Harris has to say, I give you these two tweets:

Now John Harris' flurry of tweets this evening:

That last tweet would seem to lend credence to this tweet from Michael Giardi of CSN New England:

Back to Harris:

The plot thickens.

UPDATE: Our friend Cari Greene of SB Nation's site for all things Penn State, Black Shoe Diaries, informs us that Bill O'Brien already received the bonus discussed above:

Kim Jones is incorrect in her tweet. O’Brien received the bonus this morning; per his contract, the payout date is December 31, not Jan 1.

Also, as it was paid on services already rendered, he could have received a pro rata portion of it at any time during his contract. That bonus was not a hold up in signing a contract, let alone a difference in signing one today versus tomorrow (he should have received the money at 12:01 am this morning, not at the "end of 2013" as Kim is implying).

Cari then does us a solid by posting a link to O'Brien's contract so you can learn more about his financial situation in Happy Valley.

UPDATE:  WHOO!!!! ~bfd:

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Filed to ESPN from me and @mortreport: Bill O'Brien has reached agreement to become the new head coach of the Houston Texans, per sources.

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