Week 13 Thingy or Weak 13 Thingy

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Ah the lucky week 13 Thingy. This past game was at least enjoyable to watch in the sense that the team performed fairly well, several players performed fairly well, and the game was entertaining.

I don't know if many of you are old enough to know who Mrs. Kravitz is (or was). She was the constant nosy neighbor in the TV show Bewitched. Her character is fairly realistic, as many neighborhoods have a Mrs. Kravitz in them. There are good and bad things about this. In my line of work, I always want to know who the Mrs. Kravitz is for both the good and bad reasons.

The bad reasons: She is always nosy and may cause me problems if I am conducting surveillance or even if I am just gathering information in general. Now a Mrs. Kravitz is not always female - but in my experience, about 90% of the time it is a female. I cannot call the male version Mr. Kravitz, as he was a likeable fellow that always believed the best about everyone and had disdain for his wife's nosy ways.

The Good reasons: Sometimes I have to locate people using only dated information. If I can find Mrs. Kravitz, I can always get information about the neighbors. The thing about nosy folks like Mrs. Kravitz is that they are just as happy to gossip as they are to be nosy. I believe the motivation for being nosy is just so they have new stuff to gossip about.

On to the Thingy...

Here is just one more photo that depicts the Texans' season this year.


The number of different players the Texans used to "cover" Gronk. Maybe more.


Apparently the number of Texans Players to cover Vareen in goal line situations.

Also the number of penalties called on the Patriots by these guys:

Referee: Morelli, Peter (135)

Line Judge: Johnson, Carl (101)

Head Linesman: McKenzie, Dana (8)

Field Judge: Lucivansky, Jon (89)

Umpire: Hall, Richard (49)

Side Judge: Vernatchi, Rob (75)

Back Judge: Shaw, Dale (104)

I know they wanted to "let them play" but I guess the unofficial rule is that you cannot hold against a "bad football team" in the NFL. That must be it as the Patriots offensive line had at least 27 tackles in the game.

I was tempted to post their home addresses and phone numbers - but changed my mind.

Ugh - Clowns

Generally speaking, I have never liked clowns (the one exception being Red Skelton because he was actually a funny clown). Mostly they aren't funny, they are annoying, and for children can actually be scary. So I guess they are the trolls of the circus.

Here is the first Ronald McDonald - I rest my case.


Yards per pass attempt by Case Keenum. This is impressive considering he only completed half of his passes.


Number of plays for 20 or more yards by the Texans : 1 run and 4 passes.

I know this is almost the same as the photo above - but there are never too many ways to express this:

It is hard to be too upset over how the Texans played this last game. Sure there are a lot of things to be upset about, but the over-all play of the team was better than I expected.

Random Make Up a Quote Photo:

Y'all Stay Safe!

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