Texans review

The 2013 campaign of the Houston Texas was supposed to be THE YEAR. The year where we finally break free from all the mediocrity. They year we "got over the hump", past the divisional round int the AFC championship game. Eventually into the Super Bowl.

These past few weeks have been a harsh reality. This team really is soft and underachieving. With all the weapons on offense (and before the injury bug set in) Dre, O.D, Arian Foster, Ben Tate who was proven himself to be a solid # 2 back and maybe a stater elsewhere. We drafted a #2 WR in DeAndre Hopkins who has all the talent to be this teams go to guy when Dre decides to hang em' up. With the exception of Chris Myers (center) and Duane Brown (LT) the O-line has been mediocre at best. With out a doubt Derek Newton (RT) Brandon Brooks (RG) will be let go come January.

The quarterback position has been perplexing this season, the pick prone Matt Schaub to the enigma that is Case Keenum. Matt Has been really GOOD not great in his tenure here with the Texans. Solid performances, good reads on the Defense and decent arm strength. Lets face it he won more games as a Texan (34) but his losses (32) weren't too far behind. He's won games that he shouldn't and lost games that he should have won. That's all water under the bridge now, Schaub is not back in a Texans uniform in 2014 and I personally wish him the best of luck.

Case, well he has shown us that he can "spark" the offense. He's kept us in games but that hasn't produced a W yet. His solid start in KC under those circumstances no one predicted he's be that solid on his first start on the road in a hostile environment. The Colts game, his second start he threw 3 TD's all in the first half, he had Reliant rocking.

They fell apart in the 2nd half but not because of Case, they had other issues at hand that night with Coach Kubiak going down with a "mini stroke" right before the half. Case's worst game to date was against Jacksonville at home WK 12. Maybe Getting pulled out of the game against Oakland the wk before messed with his confidence? WK13 vs New England was a stellar performance 15/30 272 yrds and 1 rushing TD gave Houston a reason to be happy, but the W eluded Case once again. Is Case our quarterback of the future? Maybe. With the promise of a new system on the horizon brought on by a new HC, maybe we'll see Case thrive and give this city a reason to cheer or like the rest of QBs to come off the bench in Houston go on to back up another starter in another city.


Well Wade Phillips has done about the best job with the talent given to him. JJ Watt is a future hall of famer and goes full throttle every time he's on that field. JJ if i'm not mistaken will be on his last yr on his rookie deal, so he'll be playing even harder next season. Lets hope this team can fix their cap issues to keep him in Battle Red and Steel Blue. Brian Cushing was on track to have a pro bowl season, but just like the 2012 season, he was derailed with an injury. I have a strong feeling that he'll be playing harder than ever come 2014. He'll prove to everyone that he was worth that 55 million deal he was signed to.
Unless Antonio Smith takes a low paying deal i think his time with this organization is up. He's been a quality player and has complimented this scheme well.

The secondary has been horrible, giving up long pass plays to missed tackles and penalties, boy oh boy those penalties. J.Jo and Daniel Manning have been solid and one of the best free agent signings to this organizations history. K Jackson, man he's definitely gotten better since his rookie year, he may be a top 15 DB in this leauge at this point of his career. The failed Ed Reed experiment was by far the worst thing to happen this team since the Ahman Green signing of 2007. And as Forrest Gump once said "that's all i have to say about that." Will Wade be back next season to lead this defense? Who know. Would we like to see him stay? I would, call me a homer i doesn't bother me.

The nightmare that is special teams.
How does Joe Marciano still have his job? Does he have incriminating evidence on Mr. Mcnair? Special teams has been bad for the past few years, the stellar plays on offense and defense have bailed them out. Not this year, not by any stretch. They have no return game, they can't stop a return.

This team needs a complete over haul on all 3 phases of the game.

While working on this Coach Gary Kubiak was released from his position of HC, I have no ill feelings towards him and wish him all the best of luck with what ever he decides. Whether its retirement or he goes on to a HC position elsewhere.

Thanks for the Memories Coach Kubiak

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