I’ve got a feeling…Texans 2014



I’ve got a feeling that the Texans off-season is going to be a little crazy. I can’t say that there will be many changes to the team that we have right now but there will be some major changes to key positions, mainly QB and head coach. Here is what I think is going to happen….

Head Coach

I have this feeling that the Texans are going to wind up with either Greg Roman, Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith, or David Shaw. Out of the four I would love for them to acquire David Shaw. I think he is the next up and coming head coach and he has been a coordinator in the NFL for three different teams already. He is my choice. Another guy that I definitely would not mind getting is Bill O’Brien. The thing with him is that I don’t think he is going to leave Penn State. There is one more reason that I don’t think they take him but I will share that with you in just a second.




QB - Ben Roethlisberger, Case Keenum, and draft filler

This is going to be shocking to some of you all but with everything that I have been hearing and seeing I honestly think that Bob McNair is of the opinion that this team has a two year window to win a Super Bowl. That is one of the reasons that he wants to go with a coach that has had head coaching experience. Either the Texans will trade their number one overall for Roethlisberger or another veteran QB or they will keep their pick and trade future picks for him. This the other reason that I don’t think they go with O’Brien in the end. Why hire O’Brien if you don’t have a young QB that needs to be trained.



RB and FB - Foster, Johnson, and draft fillers

I think that the Texans will stick with what they have but they will lose Ben Tate to free agency, they just can’t afford him anymore. We will be ok at RB though because one of the things that Rick Smith has been able to do pretty well is find talent at the RB spot. Another guy that you probably won’t see back is Greg Jones just because of cap issues I think that they will draft his replacement. I really like the FB out of Oklahoma, Trey Millard I think is his name. Since he is injured I am pretty sure that we can get him later in the draft, probably the 5th or 6th round.

WR - Johnson, Hopkins, Posey, and Martin

I am pretty sure that the Texans are going to stick with what they have at the WR position. You might see them draft a WR in the later rounds but I don’t think you will see any major changes here.

TE – Graham, Griffin, filler

Owen Daniels will no longer be on the team. I think that he is going to be one of the guys that gets cut. Largely because of the fact that he just can’t stay healthy and also because it will save them a little money in cap space.


Here is the area that I think you are going to see major changes at. I think that you will see Brown, Myers, and possibly Brandon Brooks back but everyone else are either going to have to be backups or have to be replaced. I don’t think that the Texans re-sign Wade Smith and they are probably going to either draft Derek Newton’s replacement or rely on Williams or Quessenberry.


DE – Clowney or FA (maybe Smith), Watt, Crick, and Jamison

Another area that you are most likely going to see a change is here. I really am starting to think that the Texans are going to let Antonio Smith walk. He is another guy that I just think is going to cost too much to keep. His replacement all depends on what we do with the first pick. If we trade the pick then we are going to have to draft or sign a free agent to replace him. I am of the mindset that they will go free agency to replace him, if they don’t end up with Clowney that is. If they do end up keeping the first pick I am drafting Clowney because with him and JJ Watt on the line, we automatically have the best defensive line tandem in the conference and maybe even the league.



DT - ?????

Here is an area where we need to make some major upgrades. While I think Mitchell is fine at times I can say for certain that he is largely inconsistent. I am not sure there is anyone that we could get in FA to replace him so I guess we would have to draft someone. Getting a run stuffing DT, either in the draft or in free agency, would be awesome.

ILB – Cushing, Reed, Sharpton, and filler

I really think that the Texans move Brooks Reed to the inside. It fills a huge hole and he really is a pretty good cover guy as well. Joe Mays and Jeff Tarpinian are both free agents. There is a chance that they bring one of them back but probably not both. Sharpton is probably going to be back for certain.

OLB – Merciless, Williams, Braman, and draft pick

The Texans are either going to draft an OLB really high in the draft or rely on Trevardo Williams to replace Reed. Right now I am leaning towards the draft but if they see someone they like at the OLB spot in free agency I can’t complain.

Secondary – Jonathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Danieal Manning, Swearinger, Keo, and Harris

Another huge hole that the Texans have to address is the secondary. They have a huge lack of depth here. Brice McCain is probably going to be gone and Manning could be gone as well, as a cap casualty. They need to address the nickel corner spot and they also need to get another safety who along with Keo can backup Manning and Swearinger.

Special Teams

Lechler will definitely be back. I think it is safe to say that the Beer can experiment is over after this season. He definitely should be out of a job by season’s end and I am pretty positive that a new head coach is going to want to turn away from him.


While this team is really talented right now it is safe to say that they have a ton of holes. If they get the right guys at QB and head coach though, I feel like they could turn it around pretty quickly. They could potentially get 10 to 12 wins, especially with the schedule that we are going to have. What do you think happens?


Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Washington, AFC East* (Jets)


Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Dallas, NY Giants, AFC West*(Raiders)

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