Top 5 Receivers (So far) of 2013

The possibility of a high round draft pick being spent on a receiver is somewhat likely. The top positions of need at the moment are Right Tackle, Inside Linebacker and Wide Receiver. Right tackle is important, however, Eric Winston was considered the top RT in the game and he wasn't exactly elite in the tackle position as a whole. Right tackle is almost considered Tackle #2 as WR #2 is treated. However like both positions there are fundemental differences. The likelihood of an ILB being taken at 26 is also low. Ogletree probably isn't wanted by the FO and I just don't see how Arthur Brown gets to 26 if he runs in the 4.5 range. Also the stud tackles have really separated themselves from the pack this year. Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson could all be top ten picks now. Therefore ILB is pushed back because there is a lack of schematically correct players (barring trades). Right tackle will also get pushed back because the first round talent is top ten talent. The fringe first round receiver talent, though, is right at Houston's pick. The top receiver could go anywhere from 10-30 to be completely honest at this point in the process. Anyhow keep in mind that these are preliminary rankings since the combine hasn't been conducted yet. I'll release the individual reports later but these are my preliminary top 5 Outside receivers. (Basically means no receivers under 6' and/or not considered a traditional on the line receiver) *Tavon Austin is the only receiver that could really challenge for a spot on these rankings but without his combine 40 and leaping drills its hard to put a fair grade on him since I have to assume he will run 4.4..


Overall: Physical Composite plus Film Composite (Receiver Capability Index) 100

Physical Composite: 30

Height (5’9”/6’1/6’4+): 6
Weight (180/200/210/225+): 6
Speed (4.7/4.6/4.5/4.4/4.3): 10
Vertical (Yes or No 34”): 4
Broad Jump (Yes or No 10’): 4

Film Composite: 70

Route Running: 24

Release/Shed: 6
Fluidity: 6
Play Recognition: 6
Breaks: 6

Catching: 10

Consistency: 7
Mechanic: 3

Body Control: 5

Blocking: 5

Strength: 1
Willingness: 2
Technique: 2

Play Making Ability: 26

Deep Threat: 1/3
Red Zone Potential:1/3
YAC: 1/3


I really wanted to get the formula right between physical, measurable numbers and performance on film. I also wanted to differentiate the different skills and capabilities receivers have. Catching, Blocking, and Body Control (C,B,BC) index is really just the sum of those scores. Receiver Skill index is the sum of the Route Running and Play Making Composites and the Receiver Capability Index is the Sum of both Indexes. I wanted the categories to show the contrast in size and combine numbers vs film performance, the difference between savvy route running and explosive exciting play making, and the correlation between the consistency and unheralded blocking, receiving and body control.

*Keenan Allen is not the leader in any individual category. However he has the highest overall rating

*Cordarrelle Patterson scored a perfect play making score by having exceptional YAC rating

*Robert Woods scored a perfect route running composite score

Route Running Composite Play Making Composite C,B,BC Index Receiver Skill Index Receiver Capability Index Physical Composite Overall
Keenan Allen 22 22.5 19 44.5 63.5 28 91.5
Cordarrelle Patterson 19 26 16.5 45 61.5 29 90.5
Robert Woods 24 23.5 17 47.5 64.5 23.5 88
DeAndre Hopkins 22 21.5 19.5 43.5 63 24 87
Quinton Patton 21 22 17.5 43 60.5 27 86.5

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