2013 Texans Mock Draft Attempt 2.0 (updated compensatory picks)

I figured it was about time to revisit my initial mock draft (here); post-Combine and after most of the Free Agency action. I'll do my best to justify the changes.

*EDIT: with new FA developments and some deep soul searching, i couldn't in good conscience let this atrocity of a mock continue to exist on BRB...i must make amends.*

1st Round (27) - DeAndre Hopkins WR, Clemson: Great prospect for a position of need; WR2 is there for the taking...fingers crossed that he's still there at 27.

2nd Round (27) - Sylvester Williams DT, North Carolina: Talented, stout DT to help shore up the middle of the D and help the ILBs get better penetration.

3rd Round (27) - Sean Porter OLB, Texas A&M: Reed, Mercilus and Porter as the new OLB rotation. I'm thinking he'll still be there, compensatory picks give Texans ammo to move up a few spots if need be.

3rd Round (33) - Tyrann Mathieu CB: Honey Badger says you can stuff your "character concerns" in a bag and eat it. Talent wins out here. Size and average speed don't negate ball skills and big-play ability.

4th Round (27) - Jon Bostic ILB, Florida: Most consistent defender from a good college D; hopefully good enough to get the job done. Stronger DT rotation should help mask some of Bostic's deficiencies.

5th Round (27) - Ricky Wagner OT, Wisconsin: Tackle to groom in case Newton's never the same. As a PT, a torn patellar tendon is going to be trickier to come back from than a torn ACL or PCL. Most ligaments torn are for stability and are replaced by cadaver ligaments and reinforced with stronger surrounding muscles. The patellar tendon bears incredible stress/force as the anchor for the quads and knee cap, especially with eccentric contractions. His knee will hurt the rest of his life.

6th Round (27) - Knile Davis RB, Arkansas: Great combo of size/speed and talent. Injury concerns downgrade draft stock, but as a potential change of pace back carrying a limited load, should hold up in 3 RB rotation.

6th Round (33) - Earl Wolff SS, NC State: Depth for secondary and special teams, hopefully supplants Keo.

7th Round (27) - Levine Toilolo TE, Stanford: A good pro day and coming from a well run program, Texans could do worse with one of the last picks of the draft. Adds TE and special teams depth, both underrated needs on this team.

So that's it for me, I'll probably only obsessively update my mock ideas in my head. I'm anticipating the Texans to make a few more FA additions for depth and competition. Comments/criticisms welcomed...try not to get too ugly, like Vince Wilfork's--ah nevermind.

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