Playing Draft GM: Straight! 5 High

If you haven't already, take a look at my first post where we trade out of the first round to the top of the second then once again trade back into the second round to grab ourselves a Full House: 2s full 6s.

In this post of playing Draft GM, I'd like to look at some possibilities if we are unable to find a suitor to trade down from our first pick (#27). However, I do believe that to get players that we like we should trade our 2nd and 3rd round picks to move up in the second round because we always have our compensatory pick, 6 picks later from our original 3rd round spot in the draft. The value of our 2nd and 3rd round picks could roughly grab us the Rams' pick (#56), and seeing how they have already 2 first round picks in this year's draft, they may feel more inclined to move down to grab additional picks (having already solidified two of their main needs.

Therefore, we will have picks number, by round, pick, overall (1.27) (2.14.56) (3.33.95) (4.27.124) (5.27.160)

We also have two 6th round picks and a 7th, but I will not dive that far into selecting exact players so that the title of my blog doesn't get confusing, which it probably is, but just assume we draft those picks for depth and development. So there you have it, in this addition, the Houston Texans now have a "straight": one pick in each round 5-1.

In my first GM post, I showed my man crush for Margus Hunt, selecting him with our first pick. I will continue that way; however, I will do two optional strategies as well. Please comment on which one you prefer!

(1.27) Margus Hunt DE (He shouldn't go any higher than this spot)

(2.14.56) Robert Woods WR (I believe that Hopkins and Hunter will be taken ahead of Woods, a team that needs a WR is Carolina who selects a few picks ahead of us in the 2nd round)

(3.33.95) Chris Faulk T (A big man that will slip due to injury concerns but can compete right away, big upside, Brennan Williams is my choice here but will likely not fall this low)

(4.27.124) Kwame Geathers DT (With Jared Crick having the ability to play inside on passing downs, a 340 lbs Geathers way be a nice feature to have to use sparingly with Earl Mitchell)

(5.27.160) A. J. Klein LB (With the ability to play inside or outside, Klein has made his way up to the fifth round in my draft because of his solid pass-defense. As I watch more tape of his, he easily kept his head moving to find receivers rolling into his zone and stopped the QB from passing the ball into a tight area, usually creating a play in the backfield for rushers.

Option 2 (My first selection will be one of which seems to be the popular vote)

(1.27) DeAndre Hopkins WR (takes the edge over Justin Hunter)

(2.14.56) Terron Armstead T (ideal size and speed for RT in the Zone blocking scheme)

(3.33.95) Jordan Hill DT (probably best DT on board still available)

(4.27.124) Michael Buchanan DE/OLB (Mercilus' college counterpart rejoins him on the Texans squad)

(5.27.160) A. J. Klein LB (I'm going to keep picking him at this spot if we can take him here, natural play-maker)

Option 3 (Make a few selections based on best available players)

(1.27) Tyler Eifert TE (I believe if Giants and Packers pass on Eifert then it may be too good to pass up, might as well run our three TE formations more often with this guy, he can line up wide too)

(2.14.56) Justin Hunter WR (Hope and Faith, two draft guru's I met on the bus, say he could still be around at this pick)

(3.33.95) Jonathan Bostic ILB (excellent accessory, solid player)

(4.27.124) Xavier Nixon T (would excel as a run blocking RT; however, his pass protection needs to improve but his faults can be hidden in the zone blocking scheme)

(5.27.160) Robert Lester S (I think he would be an improvement over Keo, whom I would cut after training camp as your fictional GM, also be a long term replacement for either E. Reed or D. Manning)

Those are my three options as I play Draft GM.

Please tell me which of them you like the most, which parts you don't, and so forth. Don't forget to check out my first post as well.

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