Hello Brethren

To the BRBers who actually read the FanPost section.

Finally made myself an account. Longtime reader (obsessively), first ever post. I'm a recent college grad from Sam Houston and never had time to interact with the site but I am very excited that I am now able to. Like I said been reading yall's rif-raf for a good minute now and it always makes the day better. In my first ever post I want to share a secret that I think deserves to be spread, even if you think its complete malarkey (which its not).

I consider myself a die hard Houston sports fan since I could read. Always read every article in the Chronicle sports page every day when my dad would bring home the paper from work. Watching games and going back and forth with our own analysis is some of the best memories I have growing up. I love this city, I love the people, and I love our sports teams. So naturally I want all three categories to thrive in the future.

Throughout my college experience I had a lot of ups and downs. I indulged in a lot of "college activities" that lets just say affected my grades and overall quality of life. But those things made me "find myself" and what I want in life. In the last year of my college career it was "nut up or shut up time" for me or else I would not graduate and could not accomplish the goals I have set for myself in these next few years. So I drastically changed how I went about my day to day life.

At the same time I made this change the genius that is Daryl Morey completely retooled the Rockets into a diverse, exciting, and best of all winner for years to come. This probably would have happened anyways but hey I wanna think it was a little well deserved karma. I continued to test my "sports-karma" theory as I like to call it and wouldn't you know it I got results. It seemed like anytime I drank too much with my friends, didn't study enough, or didn't go to class the rockets would lose. But If I did the opposite they would win. Furthermore if I did new things like volunteer, donate whatever I could to a charity that I care about, or even went for a run they would win gloriously.

If you need one example here it is. Down the stretch of the season when it looked like we could possible choke for another year in a row we had an opportunity to clinch against lowly Phoenix. Down by 4 with like a minute to play (I was attempting to study for a Med Micro exam I had in a few days but I was "sportscratinateing"). I dropped what I was doing went for a lengthy run around the beautiful Sam campus. Checked my phone, drenched in sweat, when I knew the game had to be over and Harden had a crazy game winning three pointer with the infamous O'neil tip so we could clinch the playoffs for the first time in 4 years. I really couldn't care less if it was just chance but it made me believe that karma is real. Since then I have been doing my best to live my life in a good way so good things can happen.

I am a big proponent of using big data so I invite anyone who reads this to help me test my sports-karma theory. So my message to you my new BattleRedBlogBrethren starting today, as a community, we start doing AT LEAST one good thing a day from here on out. Also if you want come back to this page and let me know your results good or bad I don't mind. If we can accomplish this maybe just maybe we will be watching THE GREAT ONE hoist that Lombardi trophy with tears rolling down his face come February (chills). If i am wrong then who cares at least we all did good things to benefit our lives and our community.

JJ Watt is just one big walking example of "sports-karma"

I always love Steph's posts and this one inspired me to share my own message. Even if only one persons reads and is inspired by this FanPost then I feel like I did okay with my Saturday so far. (Hey Tim if you decided to bump this to the front page it would literally cause me to defecate my britches).

That's all I got can't wait to being a bigger part of this awesome little corner of the internet in the future. Archer is awesome, BESF's=pure evil, and I am thankful for Jerry Jones.

If you made it this far then thank you,


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