2013 NFL Free Agency: Vonta Leach Wants To Sign With The Texans?

You gave us the KTFO Award, Vonta. We'll always have that. - Andy Lyons

After being released by the Ravens, Vonta Leach's agent puts it out there that a homecoming of sorts to Houston could be what his client prefers.

As Bayless noted in today's Newswire, Vonta Leach was released by the Ravens and is now looking for work. Some Texans fans have expressed a desire to see The Human Coke Machine back in steel blue, battle red, and liberty white. Those fans are not alone.

Leach's agent told KRIV-TV in Houston that the Texans, who Leach played for from 2007-10, are at the top of the fullback's wish list and he would reach out to the team soon to see if they are interested.

"Obviously, which teams you have the best fit at," agent Ralph Vitolo told KRIV-TV. "The most logical fit and the smoothest transition to another team would be Houston because he's already been there.

"He understands the coaches, the scheme. He's worked with Arian Foster and the rest of the offensive line, so it would be a very smooth transition to go back to Houston."

Forgive me, Vontaphiles, but I don't see it happening. Had Vonta been released a couple of months ago, maybe a return engagement could have been discussed. Now? Unlikely.

Greg Jones signed a very team-friendly deal a couple of months ago, and it stands to reason that the Texans are comfortable with him as their fullback going forward. Leach could conceivably be brought in to compete for the gig, I suppose, but I believe it's far more likely he catches on somewhere else where a proven commodity like Greg Jones isn't standing in the way.

Oh, and there's the issue of dollars. Fullbacks don't generally command hefty salaries, but Vonta was scheduled to make $3,000,000.00 in 2013. He's a Pro Bowler, albeit one who's 31 years old. This could very well be his last contract, and he would not be wrong at all to go wherever he can make the most money. That wouldn't be Houston whether G. Jones was here or not.

Best of luck to Vonta as he looks for a new home. I thoroughly enjoyed his time as a Houston Texan. I simply don't think he's coming back.

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