2013 Houston Texans Mini-Camp: Ed Reed Appears, Says "There's No Really No Timeline" For His Return

Ed Reed's hips, in happier times. - Rich Schultz

You knew that Ed Reed's arrival at Reliant Park would be a focal point when the Texans opened their mini-camp today. See what he had to say when he met with reporters.

Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com passes on what Ed Reed had to say when he met with reporters at mini-camp today:

"It’s going well right now. There’s really no timeline," said Reed, who spoke to congregated media members for around 12 minutes. "I know what I want. I know what we want as an organization. We’re just going to keep on grinding and keep on shooting for September."

"Like I said, we’re going to keep working out this offseason and once training camp comes, we’re going to have a better beat on it as far as my progress," he said. "Right now, I can tell you it’s going well. No setbacks. Actually just coming from working out. As you can see, I’m a little fatigued from them getting the best of me."

Remember how I theorized that SURELY the Texans knew about Reed's hip when they signed him? Uh, maybe not.

Reed, 34, said on his initial trip to Houston, the team didn’t give him an MRI, so the problem in his hip wasn’t caught. Reed said on a subsequent trip, the team gave him an MRI and discovered the problem. He said he didn't know he needed surgery when he signed.

Note that there's no clarification about whether the "subsequent trip" to Houston occurred after Reed signed with the Texans. Now we're left to wonder exactly when the Texans first learned of the existence and gravity of Reed's hip condition. No matter how you slice it, that does not reflect positively on the organization's ability to conduct due diligence.

Reed also reiterated that his ultimate goal is to be ready for the Super Bowl, not the Monday Night opener in San Diego.

"My goal is New York, if you really wanna know," Reed said. "I think everybody knows that because that’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day. It’s not San Diego (Week 1), it’s not Baltimore (Week 3), it’s not New England, it’s not the Colts, it’s New York. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, if you must know. That’s my goal. That’s our goal."

"As The Reed Turns" will be back soon, I'm sure.

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