J.J. Watt Takes the Top Spot in the Top 10 AFC South Players

J.J. Watt ranked first as the best player in the AFC South by in their top 10 list of players from the division. Here is what the writer had to say about Watt, something I'm sure all Texans fans can agree with:

1. J.J. Watt

Defensive End, Houston Texans


I had to start that off right.

Back in 2008, J.J. Watt nearly quit football to deliver pizzas for a living. He was at a crossroads in his life. He had just transferred from Central Michigan University to Wisconsin and he seemed to have a lack of both motivation and direction. Somewhat lost with what to do with his life, Watt had an inspirational conversation with a friend that changed his life forever and set a fire under him. His focus and drive was at an all-time high. He went on to wreck havoc on opposing offensive lines at the collegiate level and eventually became a first-round draft pick.

At 24 years of age, Watt may very well be the most dominant player in all of football. As a rookie, Watt finished the regular season with 56 tackles and 5-1/2 sacks. Later that year, in his first ever playoff game, Watt made a game-changing play by intercepting Andy Dalton and taking it back for a touchdown.

In his second season, he didn’t just take that "next step" – he became absolutely unblockable. In 2012, Watt posted 81 tackles and a mind-numbing 20.5 sacks. 20.5. As a 23 year-old. Insane. Watt is a guy that has ideal size and strength as a 3-4 end. However, one could argue that his greatest attribute is his will to succeed. He plays with a confident, yet nasty demeanor. He’s a guy that lines up and knows the guy(s) across from him will not stop him from throwing their quarterback into the dirt. This kid has one of the brightest futures of any player in the league. In January 2013, he was named Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press; the highest honor for a defensive player. Whether Watt would have ever won "Pizza Delivery Guy of the Year" will forever be a mystery.

Watt isn't the only Texan to make the list as Arian Foster, Duane Brown, Andre Johnson, Ed Reed and Jonathan Joesph also make the cut. To see where they rank and their write ups you can check the full list here: Top 10 Players in the AFC South

What do you think? Did the Texans deserve so many spots? Is there anyone missing from this list?

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