Previewing The 2013 Houston Texans' Regular Season: Week 9 (Texans @ Cardinals)

Christian Petersen

Another familiar face in a new city, head coach Bruce Arians leads his new team against the Houston Texans in this Week 9 matchup. Kubiak and Kompany ™ should be itching for payback after a devastating loss back in 2009. Never forgive. Never forget. Get your premature evaluation here.

The last time they played:

October 11, 2009 - Texans 21, Cardinals 28.

It's such a shame that the Texans lost this game. It had the makings of a beautiful second half comeback featuring one of the most impressive touchdowns by anyone, anywhere. Instead, that comeback fell short due to a Schaub interception returned for a touchdown and a mind-numbingly stupid play call on 4th and goal with a chance to tie the game. Check out the video highlights here if you don't remember. It was a painful, painful loss.

Tim recapped the game perfectly here and expressed the frustration all Texans fans felt that day.

What we witnessed on Sunday was a microcosm of the alternately thrilling and nauseating roller coaster that has been your 2009 Houston Texans...

Bottom line is that the Texans once again failed to show up when the game started. They were a different team after halftime, and that does speak to the fact that they responded to adversity. The issue is, of course, that they had a huge handle in creating that adversity with the way they played in the first half.

The Texans have certainly exorcised some demons from back in 2009 and 2010, but not all of them. Frustrations in the red zone still persist, but that's a discussion for another day.

The Texans are currently 1-1 all-time against the Arizona Cardinals.

How Arizona finished the season:

Off Yds / G Off. Pts / G Def Yds / Game Def Pts / Game
Total 263.1 15.6 337.8 22.3
Rank 32nd 31st 12th 17th

The 2012 Cardinals featured an absolutely putrid offensive showing thanks in large part to the worst offensive line in the league as graded by PFF.


What Arizona has done this offseason:

NFL Draft

Key Arrivals

  • OL Chilo Richal, April 10
  • DB Bryan McCann, April 4
  • Traded for QB Carson Palmer from the Raiders, April 2
  • S Jonathon Amaya, March 27
  • DE Matt Shaughnessy, March 16
  • CB Antoine Cason, March 15
  • LB Jasper Brinkley, March 14
  • SS Yeremiah Bell, March 13
  • QB Drew Stanton, March 13
  • CB Jerraud Powers
  • LB Lorenzo Alexander, March 13
  • RB Rashard Mendenhall, March 13

Key Departures

  • QB John Skelton, April 1
  • OG Rich Ohrnberger, March 22 (to Chargers)
  • QB Kevin Kolb, March 15
  • S Kerry Rhodes, March 13
  • LB Quentin Groves, March 13
  • CB Greg Toler, March 12
  • RB Beanie Wells, March 11
  • WR Early Doucet, March 9
  • SS Adrian Wilson, March 8

It's curious to see new head coach Bruce Arians only adding two three offensive linemen to his roster despite how poorly the unit performed in 2012. The return of Levi Brown and the addition of Jonathan Cooper should improve their line drastically. Any other additions to the offense will be rendered inert unless that offensive line steps up

If I were a fan of the Cardinals, I would be very worried about a quarterback depth chart featuring Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley. I am not one to judge, though, as Palmer put up eerily similar stats to my team's quarterback.

Arians lost some pieces on that respectable defense but still has a strong core with Calais Campbell, Darnell Dockett, and Daryl Washington. Rookies Kevin Minter and Tyrann Mathieu should have opportunities to contribute early and often.


Arbitrary prediction made in July of 2013 (we're almost there!): Texans 24-17

It will be fun to watch Andre Johnson line up against an up-and-comer like Peterson, while Johnathan Joseph vs. Larry Fitzgerald should provide plenty of fireworks. It's a little sad that I made it through most of the article before mentioning Fitz; he's been toiling away on a terrible team the last few years (not unlike Andre), but kudos to him for being loyal.

Other than Fitzgerald, there's no one to be scared of on this offense. May Durga have mercy on Palmer's soul if that offensive line isn't healthy and productive come Week 9. The defense should be stout but will be smothered and bent into submission by the Texans.

Best reader prediction: Zach.wain and Bleyd


Everyone is counting on the Cardinals to be bad again

I am good with that! We have a new Head Coach, new QB, new RB (really 3 new RB’s), and essentially 2 new starting O lineman. Our RT last year was a rookie, Massie was terrible first 8 games, then only gave up 1 save in the last 8 games and looked great. Our O line will be improved drastically, with an actual run game.

If Carson Palmer stays healthy we are going to be a good team.

Our Defense was top notch last year, and we improved DL depth, improved ILB, improved CB – only a FS are we weaker than last year. Tons of depth at every position on Defense.

This should be a great game. JJ Watt is a bad dude, this should be a close one. I am biased of course, but Cards 27 Texans 23


sorry, I think you're either giving your offense too much credit or our defense too little

if you think you’ll be scoring 27 on us. Even last year with 2 of our best defensive players hurt most of the year we gave up less than 21 points per game, and now they’re healthy. Even with the additions to your offense, I don’t think it’s going to jump from worst in the league to the top 10 where it would likely need to be to score that much on us. The only way I could see the Cardinals win would be if their defense really showed up to play and held us to 14 or fewer and your offense really played up to the best of their ability. As it is, I’m predicting the score to be closer to 24-10 in favor of the Texans.

Do my job for me and post a funny, well-written, insightful analysis or prediction. The best one shall be posted here.


Leave your thoughts and predictions below! Keep it classy in the comments, and please remember the community guidelines when posting.

Check out Weeks 1-8 of my season previews here.

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