Houston Texans Newswire: Texans Celebrate The Fourth

Bob Levey

Kareem Jackson brings out the big guns, Michael Bush played with fractured shoulder last season, and much more in the edition of the Newswire.

Houston Texans News

Texans Check In on Fourth of July.

The Texans players and coaches continue to have a quiet offseason that is far, far away from the back pages of tabloids. While this is a good thing for Texans fans, it makes the job of daily Texans news a bit more interesting. Lets get in to it, and talk about July 4th celebrations.

The Astros had special swag for their game against Tampa Bay yesterday.

Brian Cushing tweeted out a picture while doing one the most American things possible - shopping at Whole Foods.

J.J. showed his appreciation for America's armed forces.

Kareem Jackson went full "'Merican" with his arsenal of fireworks.


ESPN Breaks Down the AFC South Tight Ends.

ESPN South Blogger Paul Kuharsky along with ESPN scout Matt Williamson ranked the tight end position among the AFC South teams. It's an interesting topic. The Texans probably have the best number one option in the division but their depth has been ripped from them for a second straight year.


Around the League

Midshipman is Giving NFL Another Try.

Eric Kettani is a graduate of the Naval Academy in 2009, and he made the Patriots' practice squad in 2011 after two years of active duty. The Navy called him back to service before he could take any snaps with the Patriots. Kettani is once again trying to make an NFL, but the road back has been filled with hurdles.


Austin Makes Connection with Former Sooner.

The Rams may have turned a corner with Jeff Fisher at the helm, stopped tredding water and started filling areas of need. Tavon Austin will be the lynchpin when it comes to the Rams' future success. Austin talked about his connection with current Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

"I can say I'm one of his new toys," Austin said. "Me and Jared (Cook) and Stedman (Bailey) probably one of the new toys that came to the family. I just hope that my number gets called a lot and then at the end of the season he can really say I was one of his toys."

No matter what Bradford calls his receivers, he needs to step it up next season or he may end up being another first-overall flame out.


JaMarcus Russell's Contract Revisited.

JaMarcus Russell is probably the most talked about quarterback not on a team this offseason, which is a feat in itself with Vince Young still lurking around. The Raiders and the former number one overall pick have come to an agreement on lingering questions in his contract. At the moment, it appears this contract with Raiders will be the only one Russell will have to worry about for the time being.


Shoulder Fracture? No Big Deal.

All-star backup-- and constant waiver wire pick-up in fantasy football-- Michael Bush played the majority of the 2012 season with a shoulder fracture. That may explain his career low rushing total in 2012. Bush states he is back to 100% health, and ready to back up Matt Forte.

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