Texans Fantasy Outlook

- Arian Foster and Ben Tate:

Personally, I'm hoping Foster is gone by the time I pick in my drafts as his 400+ carries last year makes 2013 a very dicey proposition if you believe that history with other players can be used to predict performance and injury. I'm definitely conflicted as I ignored prior history with first season's back from ACLs with AP last year in both of my leagues and was clearly rewarded and Foster is the same type of player who could very well defy odds. This is why I generally avoid drafting Texans as it's hard to separate my heart from my head and I tend to let other Texan fans overdraft them.

As for Tate, same story. I can't stand the player, as he is soft and unreliable, but it's hard to ignore that if he doesn't sit out for months with a charley horse he's in a great position to be one of the better handcuffs out there, last year notwithstanding.

- "Experts" seem to be down on Andre Johnson.

No idea where the AJ stuff is coming from aside from moronic analysts who prefer the Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson vertical threat types. I got a great deal of Reggie Wayne last year too with drafters preferring the shiny new toys vs. tried and true. I plan on getting a great deal on AJ in the 2nd round in my drafts as I actually expect this to finally be the season where he cracks 10 tds as I don't think Arian is getting 17 again and am hopeful that Nuk is going to draw enough attention to open things up for AJ in the red zone.

- Nuke Hopkins:

No idea where Nuk is going to go in drafts. Yep, he's the #2 and nobody on the roster is a threat to that. He seems to present almost no bust potential which is big with rookie Wrs (Jenkins, Floyd) who still get overdrafted in fantasy. The Texans #2 or #3's have always been a suckers bet in fantasy as most teams #3's outperform our #2 and I've always preferred the upside of the emerging #3s over any Texan receiver not going to the Hall of Fame. However, Nuk just might be the guy to reverse that trend. I do think that in year one, however, he will likely be a better actual WR than a fantasy WR. People keep waiting for that deep threat to emerge opposite AJ and that just isn't the system here. I can see Nuk getting 6 TDs and about 50 yards a game which would already make him the best #2 we've ever had.

- Garrett Graham is the sleeper to watch, especially if you are in a league with forced TE spots. In my big money league we have to carry two TEs, so the #2 spot is amongst the last picks in the draft, so he'll at least be on my draft board. I think we'll be in 2 TE sets more that 3 WR sets, so I can see him putting up 6 tds and he could have a few 5 catch 70 yard type days intermingled with some of 3 catch, 15 yard, 1 td type days. I would take a flyer on a Texans #2 TE over several teams #1's as there was a time where even Joel Dreessen was a viable spot starter in deep leagues.

These are just some thoughts.

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