No More Distractions... Let's Get Back To Football

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a 2 Day hangover. It isn't even a small headache. No, I take that back. It is a headache because of all the talk about two plays in a football game. Interestingly enough, neither play had a big impact on the game.


– Number of in depth analysis articles I have seen here at BRB about the Dolphins-Texans pre-season game.

I guess no one is going to do any in-depth analysis of the game that allegedly happened between the murder and mayhem on Saturday night. I will not give you great gifs or even a decent Venn diagram (maybe a bad one later). I am mostly opening this up for any football discussion about the game. Hopefully all the chatter about the murder and mayhem can be limited to the 4,362 threads dedicated for such purposes.


– Articles/blogs about knees and helmet swings –or in other words, 2 plays!.

What did you see in the game?

Here are some of my "un-trained" observations of the game:

Tuggle could not set an edge. Otherwise he seemed OK.


– Total sacks by Miami

The kinda-sorta 1st team O-line seemed to struggle in any direction with the run game. It appeared as if Miami’s defense could penetrate at will.


– Passes not caught thrown by Matt Schaub

I thought all of the QB’s looked sharp. There is no way the Texans keep Case Keenum on the practice squad. His passes were crisp and on target and he seemed to find the open guy.


– Passes thrown by Steven McGee (as it should be)

TJ looked very sharp against the 3/4s.


– total offensive yards for Miami.


– what shows up on the stats line for JJ Watt. This was probably the only game in which Justin James Watt played that he had no statistics.


– Average rush for Deji Karim (Interestingly enough 6.3 was Keo’s average for punt returns) Deji Karim looked like a legit running back against the 2s.

All of the tight ends played great. (gateway for /twss’d)

I am hoping to stoke a fire for the BRB readership to actually comment about the game and what took place sans the murder and mayhem.

Totally non-fancy one pot recipe:

  • Get crock pot
  • Put in pork shoulder roast or whatever fits
  • Add Root beer
  • Cook for 6-10hrs (until meat is tender)
  • Remove pork and shred with fork.
  • Add favorite BBQ Sauce to taste.

Just because someone needs to express it at least one more way:



And of course - my trial at a Venn Diagram:



What about it BRBers?

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