2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Notable Quotes From Day Ten

It remains to be seen how many snaps Case will get on Friday night in Minnesota. - Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

With the first preseason game approaching, check out what Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub had to say after Day 10 of training camp for the Houston Texans.

Not much in the way of quotes after practice this morning, but Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub did have a few things to say. As always, here's a link to the full transcript, with some of the things that jumped out at me below for your review.

Gary Kubiak:

(on the health situation with the team) "(ILB Tim) Dobbins got nicked up, got his shoulder, back. We’re getting him looked at right now, but other than that, we’re kind of right where we were yesterday."

(on when he will make a decision on quarterback reps for the Minnesota game) "I probably won’t even talk about that until Wednesday. We’ll wait and see. We’ve got some serious health situations, especially at linebacker right now. I’ve got to get them to Friday right now and get them ready to play. We’ll make those decision later."

(on if he has any plans to have QB Matt Schaub take days off) "He is not taking any reps when we go inside. I let the other guys do that. Of course, that’s jog-through stuff, but I think he needs the work. I made him get his weight down a little bit this year and go back to some of his youth. I want to keep it there and I think he’s responded and had a good camp."

(on the health at linebacker and who is his biggest concern) "Well, my biggest concern is we’ve got 15 of them and I think seven of them are practicing. That’s my biggest concern."

Matt Schaub:

(on chemistry with WR DeAndre Hopkins) "It’s going great. We are getting a lot of balls thrown to him based on the coverage’s we’re getting, but we’re trying to get him involved with everything we’re doing just so he’s ready to go when we get to week one. He’s really showing some growth as we get into week two here of camp and we just got to keep working."

(on the intensity of these practices) "Oh, it’s big time. It’s not quite the game and you try to simulate the game as much as possible, but it’s hard to do that in practice especially when maybe the pads are taken off or something like that. We try to play fast. We try to simulate the game as much as possible and our defense really makes it tough on us as we do them. It’s great competition back and forth, but anytime we get out here we try and simulate the game situations and the game environment as much as we can."

(on what attracted the coaches to WR DeAndre Hopkins) "Well yeah, that was what the guys upstairs and the coaching staff and the scouting department saw in him when he was playing. When I saw a tape of him after we drafted him, I realized we had a kid that had size, had speed, had exceptional catching radius. Go up and get the football and he’s demonstrated day-in and day-out out here so I’m excited to get him in a game environment when the defense doesn’t know what he’s going to be doing in his routes where as our defense kind has an idea of how we run our offense so I’m excited about that."

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