Preseason Recap Thingy

I guess sometimes a blog guy is supposed to give a bit of personal touch about himself or whatever. For those of you that do not know – I am a private investigator, and I actually make my living doing this. I love my job, but like anything else, sometimes I am called upon to do things I do not care for.

I cannot go into details because of client privileges, etc – but let’s just say I had a client hire me expecting me to intimidate the victim in a sexual assault case. Of course I wouldn’t do it, but the client seemed baffled by the fact that I was not willing to do this. Some people think the world is like TV.

Ok – about football and the last preseason game:


Number of interceptions thrown by Texans backup quarterbacks in the preseason


Number of preseason records set by Texans backup quarterbacks

Keenum – most yards – Yates most TDs


Number of NFL teams that either backup is arguably better than their starter.

Jets, Jags, Raiders, Bills, Vikings (you may can add more)


The number of running backs kept on the roster predicted by MANY if Cierre Wood were to make the 53 man roster. Of course this is not the case.


Number of touchdowns scored by the Cowboys against the Texans

One thing is for sure – when it comes to the back-up NFL guys, Cierre Wood was a man among boys.

Also, Shane Lechler is really good at the football punting thing.

One pot easy meal recipe:

Put in a crock pot:

Pinto beans "looked"

A pepper

A link or two cut up of Holmes Smokehouse sausage (or whatever kind you like)

Add some seasoning for beans (there are a quite few pinto bean seasonings out there)

A big tablespoon full of brown sugar (because you HAVE TO)

Half of a large onion or all of a medium onion

Fill to about 1 inch from top with water

Cook for 3-5 hours depending upon your cooker.

(if you notice I add a pepper and an onion to almost everything – you are probably right)

I usually prepare cornbread with this meal – but it is not necessary.

Other Section yet to be named:

If there were one of those Marijuana – what’s-her-name things to put here – it would have to do with the inexplicable reasons this hasn’t happened yet:



Because we have not seen this in a while (and it makes me smile):



OK, I know it isn’t much – but it is all I got so far this week –

Oh, and I hope those hospitals are ready for all those babies since it is labor day tomorrow!

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