Houston Texans Snap Count Report - Week 1 (San Diego Chargers)

Daniels certainly got the most out of his snaps. - Jeff Gross

Have a look-see at who contributed the most (and least) in last night's thrilling come-from-behind win for the Texans against the San Diego Chargers.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
W Smith G 76 / 100 23
D Brown T 76 / 100 23
D Newton T 76 / 100 23
B Brooks G 76 / 100 23
C Myers T 76 / 100 0
O Daniels TE 71 / 93 23
A Johnson WR 71 / 93 0
D Hopkins WR 61 / 80 0
G Graham TE 56 / 74 0
A Foster RB 52 / 68 0
B Tate RB 20 / 26 0
G Jones FB 19 / 25 16
L Jean WR 14 / 18 6
K Martin WR 8 / 11 35
D Posey WR 6 / 8 23
R Griffin TE 2 / 3 32

Can't say enough about Derek Newton's performance last night. He took 100% of the snaps and played a great game. I haven't taken a look back at the tape yet, but I believe Schaub faced the most pressure from his left side thanks to his old nemesis, Dwight Freeney. It's encouraging to see this from Newton. Kubiak felt comfortable leaving him in the whole game.

It's a pity that Lestar Jean had such a rough go in the run game. He looked great run-blocking during the preseason; obviously, he's got some technique to work on. I'm rooting for him to be a big contributor this season. I'm a sucker for undrafted free agents.

Defense and Special Teams

Name Position D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
D Manning FS 53 / 100 32
K Jackson CB 53 / 100 13
B Reed LB 53 / 100 13
J Watt DE 53 / 100 3
J Joseph CB 53 / 100 6
S Keo FS 52 / 98 45
B Cushing LB 52 / 98 13
W Mercilus LB 51 / 96 13
J Crick DE 43 / 81 13
B McCain CB 30 / 57 23
D Swearinger DB 29 / 55 65
J Mays LB 24 / 45 0
E Mitchell NT 18 / 34 13
T Jamison DE 9 / 17 26
T McClain DT 7 / 13 3
W Jefferson LB 2 / 4 32
T Dobbins LB 1 / 2 65
J Tuggle LB 65
E Pleasant DB 65
A Bouye DB 48
B Harris CB 39
R Harris T 23
C Wood RB 6

Shiloh Keo deserves another shout-out for his performance last night, or at the very least for the 66 total snaps he took all game; that was the most for any defender on the roster. The fake punt he helped execute was a thing of beauty. The coaching staff seems to have a level of confidence in him that almost none of us here on Battle Red Blog share. More performances like this and we too might be singing humming Keo's praises.

Brandon Harris didn't see any snaps on defense. I hope that will change next week against the Titans. I want to see him rotating in with Brice McCain. To put it kindly, McCain had a rough going in man coverage last night.

These are just a few of my thoughts. Let us hear yours in the Comments. Happy Tuesday!

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