Texans Game One Thingy

I will start this week's "Thingy" with the not very well thought out power rankings...

This week’s Arbitrary and Not Well Thought Out Power Rankings:

Texans Comeback Victory



This was indeed a thing of beauty. It was one of the most painful, then greatest things to see.

Allison Brie


Yes, I went there.



How can we not appreciate bacon. It’s goooood!

Cheerleader gifs


Yes, we love seeing this, and it does not violate the "no bewbs" rule.

MS Paint Stuart Scott


Just because I am trying to find a way to put this into as many posts as I can.

JJ Watt Confetti gif



I find this entertaining. I am also probably putting on too many gifs, but I really don’t care about that.

Getting the flu


This is a big jump down – and it sux. Yes, people can die from it, but you probably won’t.

Having a dead car battery when you need to leave for work



There is not a lot of things more frustrating when you have timed leaving the house just right to get to work on time, only to find out that your car battery is dead. Then you realize you loaned your jumper cables to your cousin who always has a dead battery, and the only person you know who has jumper cables is that obnoxious Cowboy fan from across the street.

Swarms of mosquitoes after the rain

or worse yet, Mosquito Burgers

In my line of work, I got to a lot of "boondock" areas of Brazoria County. FYI Jones Creek ALWAYS has lots of mosquitoes. But after the rains we have had – sometimes I swear I have been picked up and moved by those vermin.

Andre’s Catch ruled a Non-catch



This was one of the most obvious officiating fails I have seen in a while, yet they say "oops we messed up on the personal foul on the field goal call" even though that was a "judgment call" and not a simple technical did he get both feet down and in bounds kind of thing.

A colonoscopy

No, I won't show a picture here.

OK, the actual colonoscopy isn’t that bad. Drinking that crap that cleans you out and "cleaning out" is what is really bad.


What else can I say?

Listening to Chris Berman do play by play on Monday Night Football



This was unbearable. The guy drones on about how San Diego should host the Superb Owl even as he admits the stadium sux. Then he starts yammering some nonsense and goes, oh, was that a play?


Seconds of the game happened before Matt Schaub threw his first interception of the year. Also, the number of yards allowed by the Texans defense after San Diego scored 28 points.


Number of Sacks for JJ Watt. While he did not rack up a lot of stats, he still had a major impact on the game.


Times that Berman annoyed the hell out of me during the game.


The number or 10+reception games by the G.O.A.T. Andre Johnson. How does he manage to still get wide open on 3rd and 18?


Number of yards stolen from Andre Johnson by really poor officiating. Somehow This is not a catch.

Seriously WTF was the ref looking at under that hood? My guess – p0rn.


Number of unanswered 2nd half points put up by the Texans’ "Outdated" offense. Can we stop the "they aren’t built to come back from behind" and the "Outdated" crap already? I know folks like the newest and most gimmicky thing out there (see the lines at the Apple store for the newest iPhone) but "new and gimmicky" isn’t always better. So far a "new and gimmicky" offense has NOT won the Superb Owl. Maybe after that happens, I will be sold on it.

On Pot Easy Meal Recipe

In a fairly large pot (or Crockpot):

Mix a ratio of potatoes and carrots 2:1 by volume (either scrubbed or peeled your choice (I prefer scrubbed)) cut into chunks. How much is determined by the size of your pot.

(I know you have seen this before) Add a medium onion and a pepper (you can use banana, jalapeño, or whatever kind of pepper you prefer. (use 2 if you need to - to make the size right)

Here is your choice. You can put in about 1.5 – 2 lbs of beef. You can use roast, chuck steak, or even that already cut up beef for stew. I usually use something like chuck steak, but it doesn’t matter much – just get something on sale. If you want to make stew – cut the meat into bite sized chunks.

Add salt, pepper, or I use Morton’s Nature’s Seasons (about 1-2 TBS depending upon pot size.

I usually will add a can of stewed tomatoes.

Add about 2/3 to a bottle of Shiner Bock (or another beer you prefer)

If you want "pot roast" do not add water

If you want "stew" cover everything completely with water.

Cook for about 2-3 hrs (on high in a Crockpot) if you use a pot on stovetop, heat until liquid boils, then turn down to a simmer (until meat is tender)

Seriously – this isn’t rocket surgery you can vary ingredients quite a bit to your taste.

The Part I Still Haven't Named

I believe that Marciano has earned a reprieve of at least one week. After all, there was a lot of good that happened on special teams in Whale’s Vagina San Diego. So this week the message is:



Venn Diagram of the week:



One more thing - here is a Texan vs. a Titan - I think the Texan has a distinct advantage:



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