Dillo's Dog House - 2013 Week 2


Generally open thread - house rules apply

This thread is to provide a safe place for general silliness and tangential and not-so-tangential topics so that serious football discussions don't get watered down with off-topic howl sessions.

Barking at Squirrels



Random thoughts that seemed like good ideas to share at the time...

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Dumb-Asses

Is there some school that is churning out the likes of Solomon Wilcots and Spencer Tillman? I swear the stupidity coming out of their mouths makes me wonder if they aren't sock puppets being operated by Charlie Casserly.

Fun with Physics re: Rules and the NFL

So... the "Plane of the Goal". It is pretty obvious to me that when the runner is trying to score field-to-endzone that the FRONT edge of the goal line is the "plane of the goal". However, when they were discussing the safety... Solomon (how ironic) was trying to say that the BACK EDGE of the (about 6 to 8 inch-wide) goal line stripe was the "plane of the goal". So what is this magical space between the two planes called? Hint: the more I think about it... The more I'm sure that the "front edge" of the goal line is the magical "plane" and that the stripe is indeed "end zone".

The Week Two "Matador" Goes To...

Gary Kubiak for waving around that red flag TWICE and WINNING BOTH TIMES!!!11ONE!! Loud noises!! Great day for instant replay.



The Week Two "Humpie" Goes To...

Me for the furious leg-hugs I was putting on the TV after HopDaddy showed up and made them PAY for singling him!!!

[No picture will be forthcoming, thank you...]

The Week Two "Leg Hike" Goes To...

Shannon Sharpe for trotting out the tired old "Schaub needs to step up and prove himself..." Just tired, Shannon... You are getting paid to do a job, try to offer some insight a liiitle deeper than that. The second half of last week's game was about all the "stepping up" that Schaub needed to do for any unbiased observer. I'm not arguing for "elite-hood" because I don't think it's necessary for us to win.



And Finally, The Week Two "Heart Attack" Goes To...



The Texans for a second anxiety-ridden game-day. I'm beggin' ya'... Could we blow somebody out please?

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