Week 2 Game Thingy

The Texans are 2-0 for the 4th consecutive season. Head Coach Gary Kubiak improved his career regular season record to 61-53, This I feel good about. I don’t know how good I feel about how they got there, but a W is a W. I have been in a pretty good mood because of this – so here goes with this week’s "Thingy."

Some random numbers:


Number of tackles for Brian Cushing.


The number of yards Chris Johns rushed for when Joe Mays tackled him for a Safety.


Number of dropped passes by Keshawn Martin. He caught both passes thrown to him for 37 yards. Maybe he has turned the corner.


Number of successful challenges by Kubiak. I am not sure what all to think about this. I do recommend we all get our affairs in order.


Number of NFC Teams that are 2-0 and the number of AFC teams that are 0-2. So, which is the stronger Conference?


Number of total yards for the BESFs in the 3rd quarter.


The number of punts Shane Lechler had inside the 20. Coincidentally the number of penalties Texans had last Sunday. The number of AFC teams 2-0 after this weekend. Also the number of NFC teams 0-2 after this weekend.


Average yards per rushing play by the Texans. Higher than the 5.6 per play passing. If that doesn’t make your thinker hurt, I don’t know what will.


yards longest fumble return for a TD ever by a Texan- Antwan Peek This has nothing to do with Sunday's game - I just thought I would throw it out there.

Some Pro Football Focus Scores:

DeAndre Hopkins (+3.4) (50 routes, 7-of-13 targets for 117 yards and a TD)

Duane Brown (+5.5) Redeemed himself. He allowed only 1 QB hit and was dominant in the running game (I hope his ankle isn’t a problem)

Brian Cushing (-0.5) (scratches head) Somehow he had a low score with 11 tackles 2 sacks 4 tackles for loss and 2 QB hits. I sometimes wonder if those guys at PFF are smoking dope. Their excuse for the low score was "he had trouble getting off of second level blocks by guards and Tackles."

I thought he was beasting, but I am not the "expert"

Andy Levitre (-3.1) and Chance Warmack (-2.6) allowed far more pressure than any other Titan offensive lineman with 11 of the 15 times Locker had his throwing motion disrupted being their fault. Yeah, kind of hard to take Warmack seriously calling JJ Watt a JAG (just another guy). He was seriously abused.

Chris Johnson (-2.4). Heh

What They said about DeAndre Hopkins (among others)

Lest we ever forget:

The Part That Still Doesn’t Have a Name

I saw a couple of odd allegedly real-life profiles on Facebook that just do not seem to be explainable.






These are much like all of the missed field goals

I hope Beercan is not crushed:



A snippet of Kubiak’s postgame quote:

"I’m going to have to turn him loose if we are down 28-7, or down eight with four minutes left in the game, I’m going to have to turn him loose. He’s a hell of a player. He made some mistakes. And he’ll be the first one to tell you he made some mistakes that kind of got us in hot water. But I have a lot of confidence in him. He has control of the situations, even there late in the game. He called me off on a couple plays that he felt better about, and that’s good. That’s what I want him to do."

You got love Wade for his quotes:

"I told the team after the game, if this keeps happening, they’re going to give me gray hair. But you know – what an exciting game, what a great effort, the same as we had last week. The guys just never give up. They’re going to play, and they’re going to play, and they feel like they can win, and they did. You just don’t see many games like that."

Texans Game 1 Thingy

What do y’all think?

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