Around the League and Back: Week 3 Edition

Notable Stats:

  • Justin Houston: 4.5 Sacks
  • Josh Gordon: 150 Receiving Yards
  • LeSean McCoy: 150 Yards rushing
  • JJ Watt: Sack: 3 TFL
  • Russel Wilson: 4 TD
  • 20 penalties on the NY Jets in a 27-20 win over the Buffalo Bills.

Fitting GIF of the Week:
Seattle's Century Link Field is loud, everyone and their mother knows that. Apparently Jordan Todman knows it too.


Stat of the Week:

Quarterbacks that have not thrown an INT thus far this week: Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler.




Price of a Win Loss for the 49ers:

Why did Aldon Smith play? Smith was arrested for DUI Friday morning after an accident In which he tested .15 BAC on the breathalyzer test, caused some property damage to a San Jose resident and was found with drugs, including marijuana and other controlled substances. However there he was in the game this afternoon. This really isn't getting enough attention from the press. There is no need for comparisons to other troubled linebackers or other players (Josh Gordon, Von Miller) but the fact that Smith didn't face any immediate punishment from the team or the league leaves serious questions about disciplinary protocol in the 49ers organization and the ability for the NFL to deal with incidents in a manner that fits the chronology of the offense. Frankly if I were in the position to do so, Smith would be done for the week after the incident. Go home take care of your shit and come back focused and ready to go. Instead the Niners opted to play the stud linebacker Sunday. I understand that NFL football teams are in the business of winning and Smith most certainly is a contributor to winning. That doesn't change the fact that the organization has set a bad precedent for other teams and players. Players that contribute heavily to wins will be kept in lineups even in the wake of an offense of the stupidity, ignorance and overall carelessness that teams should seek to avoid at all costs. The NFL should've put Smith on indefinite inactivity or something similar. However they left the ball in the 49ers court and they made their choice to play him. Directly or indirectly they ended up with a lost. Fact of the matter Smith nor any other 49er looked particularly impressive Sunday afternoon.. My prediction is that Smith will not play against Houston Sunday night to weeks from now. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.



New York Giants downed 38-0:

The New York Football Giants lost 38-0 to an underachieving Carolina Panthers squad. They played a putrid game to accompany a putrid start to the season. The Jaguars managed to put up a better game against the Seahawks. This Coughlin coached team should not be playing like this. I have no explanation for this. They've played solid teams but as a whole they look like losers. They do what losers do, they turn the ball over, they give up yards and points, they get bullied at the line of scrimmage (Eli Manning was sacked 7 times this afternoon). The interesting part of this is that this is essentially the same team that won the Super Bowl two years ago. Something stinks in New York and it's not the Jets.



Worst to Playoffs v2:

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to win 10+ games this season. They're not the Arizona Cardinals of last year, getting off to an undefeated start despite being an utterly incompetent team. No this team are the Colts of last year. The Chiefs are going to go from first overall pick and new coaching regime to 10+ wins and the playoffs. Andy Reid has been phenomenal at his fresh start in Kansas City, god knows Reid and Kansas City both desperately needed one. He has his team playing good, dominant football.



Worst Division in Football:

As bad As the NFC west was three years ago with a 7-9 Seahawks team representing the the division in a surprising upset over the New Orleans Saints, the NFC east could easily challenge that this year. As it stands the division is 3-9 so far with two of those wins coming against opponents within the division (Dallas over NYG and Philadelphia over Washington both in week one). This division is bad. The average division will win 32 games. This division is on track for 16.



Josh Gordon:

Josh Gordon of the Browns made his comeback from his two game suspension to start the season today. First let it be known that Gordon is a personal favorite of mine. His suspension was the result of offenses committed far in the past. He has taken his chance in the NFL and is running with it. 150 yards in his return to football with Brian Hoyer as your quarterback is downright amazing. He brought great play to a Cleveland team (and city) that desperately needed a spark.He gracefully accepted his suspension and was thankful if the NFL's (fair) leniency in reducing his suspension to two weeks instead of the standard four. Gordon did exactly what players on suspension need to be doing, keep their mind focused and their bodies in shape. When Justin Blackmon makes his return two weeks from now it will be interesting to see how he responds to his suspension in comparison to Josh Gordon.



QB Draft Thoughts Because I Feel Like It.

I am so impressed with the way Derek Carr has willed his Fresno State Bulldog team to a 3-0 start with close wins over Rutgers and the Boise State Broncos. He has consistently rallied his team to victory with his fiery personality and stellar play. Marcus Mariota has also been impressive. Under Mark Helfrich at Oregon he pushes the ball downfield much more often then under Chip Kelly last year. He's showcasing NFL arm talent, athleticism, preparation and professionalism. Him and Carr are going to make two teams very happy come April.



Texans Thoughts:

Quick Thoughts

  • Matts Schaub has thrown a pick (edit:not pick sixes) in each of his first three games, the first two were more or less his fault but his latest one was simply not identifying a hook zone by linebacker Darryl Smith.
  • Ed Reed looked decent in his return to Baltimore nothing more nothing less.
  • Ryan Harris played good, he really did. Going up against either Terrell Suggs or Elvis Dumervill every snap is a daunting task. Harris filled in admirably.
  • Arian Foster was well on his way to a solid 20 rush, 100 yard, 1 TD game until the game fell apart.
  • If JJ Watt is going to post some monster numbers he's going to need to play with his team in the lead. He can't get the same PD and Sack numbers if he is constantly playing the run with his team the one in catch up mode.
  • Brian Cushing with another solid game.
  • Hand for Randy Bullock came in on the road and 3-3. Did his job.
  • Shane Lechler
  • Return TD was atrocious and the ironic part was that the announcer had called it.
  • In addition to calling the big return off a booming punt the commentator also mentioned opening up the Houston defense with some long pass calls to Torrey Smith. We know what came next.



We Have Two Very Special WRs:

DeVier Posey is one of my favorite players on this squad. I went over some of his old college film and I am fully convinced that he was on course for a first round selection had it not been for a suspension. I have so much confidence in his ability. I don't think he has a drop yet in his NFL career (feel free to look into that), his ability to create separation might be the best on the team. Posey is going to be a special player for Houston and. Him, Martin and Hopkins have a bright future. As good as Hopkins has been I can see Posey becoming the better player once Posey becomes the number one after Johnson retires which is hopefully far from now. His skill set is a number one wide receiver skill set: fast, agile, physical, catches everything. My bold prediction is that Posey is Andre Johnson's heir more so than Hopkins. Posey is a player I'm hoping rises up and becomes the vocal leader of this offense. He is the one player on the offense that has that swag and vocal factor. He plays with confidence but he seems like a personal favorite of Matt Schaub on the sideline and sometime in the near future we can hope Posey becomes the vocal leader this offense needs very much.

Posey is a great talent but Hopkins is still ridiculously talented. Hopkins will be one of the best #2 receivers in the league, if he isn't already. His skill set is really quite unique, he's a mix of Anquan Boldin physical, possession receiver, and Plaxico Burress. He's the red zone and underneath threat that most receivers can only hope to be one of. He is the ideal #2 receiver in any offense regardless of scheme.

The reasons above are why I'm so disappointed that I don't get to see Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and DeVier Posey out on the field with Garret Graham and Owen Daniels in an empty set. Or with Arian Foster or Ben Tare in for Graham. Kubiak needs to unleash the beast that is a three headed monster at WR, each with a varied unique skill sets that exploits at least one weakness of all but the very elite of the cornerback position.

Defense Still Playing Well:

JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, Antonio Smith, Jonathan Joseph and Whitney Mercilus have been lights out for the defense so far. Kareem Jackson is playing extremely well but is succumbing to some bad habits but he is still CB 1B on this team. Earl Mitchell, Darryl Sharpton, Shiloh Keo, DJ Swearinger and Danieal Manning have played very well too. Really what I'm trying to get at is that the defense is not the problem. Anyways I'm pretty sure everyone thinks this anyway I just wanted to illustrate that really the only players not really playing up to snuff are Brice McCain and Brooks Reed. These two integral players two years ago seem to be shells of the players they used to be, Reed the fantastic edge setter (which he still is) and dangerous pass rusher and Brice McCain the fantastic nickel corner are gone. Where they went is anyone's guess.

Final Thoughts:

Giving up an 82 yard punt return touchdown right after a fantastic Shane Lechler punt is bad enough. Add in the fact that it came right after a drive that ended in a Matt Schaub pick six and you see the inability of the team to recognize when the game was in jeopardy and not responding. I think the 14 penalties are going to be discussed as a major reason we lost the game because they were. The extent to which the offense and looked completely undisciplined was embarrassing. Sure some penalties (namely calls I strongly disagreed with involving Kareem Jackson) were questionable. However let us not forget Joe Flacco drew our defense offsides four times on some brilliant hard count cadences that really didn't allow the defensive line to get into any rhythm at all. This was a sloppy game and Houston played very bad. No need to overreact, there is still 13 games left to play in the regular season but any team needs to take a loss very seriously. Losing is unacceptable plain and simple.

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