The Week Three Thingy

I am not going to get into all of why, but I was internetless for a few days (not that anyone here would have noticed). So, I had some time to gather my thoughts on this past week's game in Baltimore. It is kind of funny to sit back and to have not read any of the threads for a few days, then read them and see what folks post after this one game.

Without going into a big analysis of the game, as many here are better qualified to do so, I did find it humorous that by reading many of these threads, one would surmise that Matt Schaub single-handedly lost the game to the Ravens. While this not only discounts the excellent coaching and smart defensive play by the Ravens (what a difference a couple of weeks makes) it also does not account for the fact that a whole lot of the team played well below what I expected of them. After all, if we had Kaepenick or RGIII, oh wait... they haven't played any better lately.


The number of play-action bootlegs I saw by the Texans in the game. This baffles me to no end, as this not only helps the passing game, but it helps the running game. (I could be mistaken, and I was not going to re-watch that game - but I remember none)


Is also the number of touchdowns scored by the Texans offense and the number of turnovers by the defense. With no other stat - I would say that is a losing formula (especially if you give up a special teams touchdown and a pick six)


Catches for 1296 yards. This is the pace that DeAndre Hopkins is on so far this year. This is much more respectable that I could have ever predicted for him.


Number of sacks JJ Watt is on pace for this season so far. It is also the pace for passes defensed for him.

The Part That Has Still Not Been Named

Just as I can never figure out why there are handicapped parking spaces at a Sonic, there are things that I truly will never understand. I also don't get why Google messed up their main page. Now I can't even find how to search images - it isn't under their "new" apps thingy. Why are they idiotically following Microsoft's lead? (Never mind - I see it is an even MORE stupid ploy to get me to sign up for Google Plus)

Just like Kubiak's decision (or lack thereof) to call time out on a 4th and 2 with around 4 minutes left (after running off more than 30 seconds of the clock) to then call a screen pass to Foster. There had not been an effective screen pass to a running back all game. The wide receivers had been reliable all game so a pick or quick slant would likely get the job done, maybe even a bootleg.

The One Pot Meal Recipe:

Crockpot BBQ Chicken

4-6 chicken breast
1 btl of your favorite BBQ Sauce
1/4 c vinegar
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 c brown sugar
1 tsp garlic powder
Mix everything but chicken
Place chicken in crockpot (frozen is ok)
Pour sauce mixture over chicken
Cook on low 4-6 hours - it's gooood!

I remember feeling confident that the Texans could beat the Ravens because the Ravens offense is pretty impotent (which it is), I just didn't realize that the Texans offense would be even more impotent (or less potent) than the Ravens in the game.

Venn Diagram:



Yes, I am Going There Again

Based upon the most recent game, I guess I need to bring this back:



And my Prediction for next week:



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