A Kid's Perspective: Game Review

Hello, Texans fans. I am here today with my first fanpost and it is called a kid's perspective. What that means is that since I am still a kid, I want readers to read something about the NFL and my favorite team, the Texans from the perspective of a kid. I also want to provide some Fantasy Football insight. First, I want to talk about the game last week. As soon as I turned the game on, it was the end of the first quarter, because I went to church. It was 3-0 and I was thinking, ok we can do this. I was nervous about this game going into it but I felt a little more comfortable. The other observation I noticed before I started watching was, Randy Bullock has made a field goal, hallelujah! As I started watching the game, the penalties were starting to bug me. The flag were flying everywhere and the 14 penalties were like hearing nails on a chalkboard. To hear the referees come over the PA and call a penalty was slowly starting to eat away at my sanity. Brian Cushing kept jumping offsides and the penalties on Kareem Jackson and Jonathan Joseph for pass interference were just incorrect. Since one of them led to a score, it was a game changing call, but I really didn't think we were going to win in the first place. Here is why.

Death By Emotion

We have been the beneficiaries of emotional highs from other teams. For example, I don't think the Raiders would've beat us if Al Davis hadn't died a couple of days earlier. Another example is when Chuck Pagano was finally on the field after beating leukemia. I knew we were going to lose because I really don't think the Colts were going to let their Coach down. Now this is a much smaller reunion but nevertheless it is a reunion. So when I see Daryl Smith running down the sideline after jumping the Owen Daniels route I am nervous. We aren't out of the game yet but the momentum is shifting. Then with about 1:45 left in the half I see Tandon Doss running down the sideline, Ray Lewis waving him on like a 3rd Base Coach in baseball. At that moment, knowing the game was practically over, I slammed my remote against the couch, and turned the television to RedZone. This is where I kept my TV until about 2:30, with a few minutes left in the game. I turned it back with a sliver of hope but there was none. The comeback magic was no longer for this week. They just weren't going to let Ray Lewis down as the Ravens retired number 52.

A Final Hope

With about 5 minutes left in the game, a slimmer of hope ran through me. I hoped Matt Schuab could work some more magic but I turned on the TV to the score of 23-9. Another remote in the couch. Frustration. My remote was feeling beaten up and my heart the same. The comeback magic ran out this week and the Texans' flaws were exposed.

Major Flaws

1. Schaub's throw an interception and put the other team in the end zone or near it is starting to haunt the Texans. It is shifting the momentum in each game and the Titans weren't able to keep the momentum and as we all know, the Texans came back and won.

2. Duane Brown's absence is really hurting the Texans. The Ravens outside linebackers were able to take advantage of Ryan Harris even though he did not play horribly.

3. Andre Johnson might not be as good as we thought he was going to be this year. And it is only because he just isn't going to stay healthy this year. A slimmer of hope throughout this is DeAndre Hopkins might finally be able to carry the load during Andre's absences. I really hope he gets better but I don't think it will happen for him this year.

4. There are gaping holes in the special teams. Randy Bullock did okay this weekend but was not really challenged. I don't think I need to say more about the kicking coverage.

5. Penalties. 14 penalties isn't going to win anything. The Ravens had a bunch of penalties as well but we couldn't capitalize because we had as many as we had.

All I can say is we better get better for next week and thank god we are playing at home against the Seahawks.

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