Falling with Popcorn


Matt Schaub agrees with this post.

So since I felt like talking, I decided to give my input on the majority of players you'll see this year. This way I don't spam up the wall or anything like that. I am by no way shape or form a writer, but I once passed an English exam to get my diploma with an 89, because I had to get an 87 to graduate.


Schaub- Has so many nice toys to play with, and he knows it his year. Hop on the bandwagon now, because he will be in the talks for MVP.

AJ is going to have another top three WR year, if not top. TD may not show it, but yards and catches will. Schaub loves this man, and they have an awesome duo, he's guaranteed throws all day just for being in the game. Even if the whole team was on him.

Nuk - Offensive Rookie of the year.

Foster is kind of worrying me, mostly because I haven't seen him play in such a long time, and on Madden 25, my running game is pretty meh with him.

Ben Tate is going to be a monster, and imagine, but knock on some wood, but Foster has a bad year. Tate has an amazing year, and we keep Tate. Just saying, in some dark universe this could happen, who knows.

Greg Jones- I was going to say something awesome, but Jones blocked it.

Lestar Jean + Posey + K-Mart = Detroit Pistons that won the championship about 10 years ago. Why you say? Well don't ask why, but I'll tell you anyway. None of them are superstars, well at least for now, but they are good enough to help us win a Superb Owl all together.

Damn Texans got some Tight ends - OD and Graham are very great receivers, and well established vets. That tall new guy Blake Ryan Griffin is gonna be fun to watch too.

The guys trying to Schaub Vertical - Left side is going to be okay, but can the right side keep it balanced? Still waiting to see how this one plays out, but I have really high hopes for the line.


How about my boy Cushing getting the contract extension. he didn't even need to play a single regular season game. Telling you guys, he is going to be a monster like never before this year. I doubt he just sit there, and watch JJ Watt take all the shine from his defense. He's gonna destroy ball carriers this year, and have a MVP type season.

The other inside guys, I just hope they keep up.

Kareem Jackson + Jonathan Joseph + Ed Reed + Daniel Manning = You don't throw, you don't run, you don't catch, and we will pick you off and score. I mean seriously folks, this is basic freaking Texansology, go study.

Backup Corners are pretty good too, and so is Brice, but they aren't on the same level as the guys above.

JJ Watt wants to better then last year, now has all America watching (football and commercials these days). So will he? It's possible, but at the same times, teams are going to try even harder to game plan against him. What gives Watt a boost though, is he also game plans to defeat that and has a really good work ethic.

The rest of the line - The Ninja will be show casing is Katana quite often this year again. Big Earl Mitchell is about to be very effective this year, and are back ups ain't no scrubs, ya feel me?

Outside destroyers Mercilus and Reed, will get their fair share of hits, and sacks. Especially with such a dominating line the Texans will be show casing next year.

Swearinger - Keep Hunting, you'll be good

Joe and the Gang

Now the People that actually use their foot to hit the football. Bullock - Well only because my gf is an aggie, I'll be nice. Just kidding, Randy actually looked pretty good during the pre season. And damn can Shane coffin corner punt. This is why Joe will stay. lol

As far as Returners, Punt return looks promising, but I still don't know about kick return.

That's all folks. What do you think?

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