Updated: Dillo's "Dog House" 2013 Week One


Generally open thread - house rules apply

The intent for starting this thread is to provide a safe place for general silliness and tangential and not-so-tangential topics so that serious football discussions don't get watered down with off-topic howl sessions.

This is very much an experiment so if it is a bad idea... "Week One" may be the premier and final episode.

The Dog House

Don't be mislead by the apparent size of the "Dog House"... Think Dr. Who's Tardis...



Barking at Squirrels



Random thoughts that seemed like good ideas to share at the time...

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Dumb-Asses

How many times must Leon-Lett-Level-Of-Dumbass be demonstrated before "professional" athletes learn to just hand the ball to the referee and act like they're getting paid to be there?

The "Power of Stupid"

I was reading through the [very entertaining] thread from Saturday night and I was reminded of a fundamental "Law" of organizational/project motion that I came up with working on a data warehouse project in the west a few years back. We had a team comprised of resources with the highest average level of intelligence/training/experience/general competence that I had ever worked with up to that point in time. It was a joy to have principled discussions with these colleagues (most of us "contract" resources) and enjoy the back-and-forth of ideas. The problem was, the client-leader of the team was one of the least qualified individuals I've ever worked with for the position that he/she occupied. The "Power of Stupid" concept was formalized to summarize the effect that one stupid idea, emitting from a position of authority could have on productivity. This person could toss off any hare-brained idea that he/she came up with based on a passing whim and then based on that bad direction that took one person seconds to derive, EIGHT extremely qualified resources would have to spend HOURS researching a rebuttal and realistic alternative then spend more person/hours presenting and trying to influence only, in many cases, to fail persuade the closed mind of the client-leader.

In the NFL, the "Power of Stupid" is demonstrated regularly by Skeletor, Satan and prior to his passing by Crazy Al. As Texans fans, we have been blessed to have an owner that seems to "get it" and who stays out of the way of the people that he has hired to make his team succeed.

Now... while this "Power of Stupid" is a bad thing in an environment where real productive results must be achieved, paradoxically in an environment where a high level-of-activity (measured by "hits" or "posts") is the goal, the "Power of Stupid" can be a wonderfully effective tool. Trolls know this and if they can find an effectively subtle conceptual grenade to toss into the oatmeal barrel, HOURS of mirth (for them) and mega-hit-counts can be the result.

And for those of us that enjoy the rhetorical artistry of our fellow BRBers... some truly entertaining literary gems can be forthcoming.

The Week One "Humpie" Goes To...

Chris Berman for leg-humping the San Diego Chargers like me on that poodle down the street. It felt like watching a local feed from San Diego. His obvious frustration at not getting Tunney to declare that "hitting a defenseless player" penalty a bad call was just disgusting... All the talk about how the Texans couldn't handle an "elite QB" was just forgotten and never mentioned again when the Texans dismantled that "elite QB" in the second half and showed him to be the streaky front-running temperamental man-child that he is.



The Week One "Leg Hike" Goes To...

ESPN for making me miss the opening kickoff of the Texans 2013 season. Although some concession has to be made for them saving me from having to watch the first-pass interception by the Shobster.



And Finally, The Week One "Heart Attack" Goes To...



The Texans Defense for taking so long to show up. Don't do that to me guys...

Thanks for stopping by

If I ever do another one of these I'll probably wait until after the Texans actually play to post it, but for this trial run I'll just toss it out there and see if there is any interest.

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