Houston Texans Mock Draft(LOL THE DRAFT ISN'T TILL MAY)

1st Round: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville.

For me this pick works on a good few levels. First off it is the most important position on the football field. At this position we currently have on this roster: An Ex-Starting Quarterback who has trouble distinguishing his own receivers with the opposition, A un-drafted rookie who was an improvement over the ex-starter but eventually crumbled and was replaced by the Ex-Starter, Our second string Quarterback who did nothing of significance to sway the coaches that he was better than the broken ex-quarterback or the broken ex-quarterback's replacement. All in all it's a hot mess. Teddy Bridgewater is the most polished and NFL QB in terms of all the little aspects such as reading coverage, looking off defenders, pocket presence and decision making. He's the closest thing to a NFL QB available in this draft right now. Physically speaking he's athletic enough to escape from the pocket and make plays with his feet but he lacks the NFL build. While there are plenty of other candidates at other positions in this draft Bridgewater fits the bill perfectly

2nd Round: David Yankey, OG, Stanford.

The second round is where things really start to get interesting for the Texans. The 33rd pick is one of the most craved picks in the whole draft because all of the talent that either should have been taken in the first round or didn't fit in with any team in the first fall into the second and into the Texans lap. While I was extremely tempted to select Austin Seferian Jenkins with this pick I restrained myself and instead took the player who many consider to be the best offensive guard in this entire class. Yankey(Or as a possible nickname Tankey) is a bully on the offensive line using his great upper body strength to drive defensive line men out of plays and open up holes for his running back. He also shows a solid ability to get out on a pull and get to the second level and take on line backers. As for why he fits with the Texans? With the signing of Bill O Brien as new head coach a switch from a zone based running scheme to a more power based scheme could be on the cards. When we factor in Wade Smith's declining play and Yankey's acclimation with the power run scheme from his time at Stanford make him a perfect fit for the Texans offensive line.

3rd Round: Shayne Skov, MLB, Stanford.

The inside line backer position has been one of a problem over the past few years for the Texans. In Wade Phillips defense we struggled to cover faster TE's and RB's which lead to all sorts of havoc. This along with the fact that our star ILB Brian Cushing has suffered two season ending injuries over the past two seasons means the Texans need to add depth to a key part of their defense. Skov was the influential core of a physical and extremely talented Stanford defense that stopped the Oregon offensive juggernaut this season. While he doesn't posses elite athleticism he has phenomenal instincts and posses a solid ability to shoot the gap and blitz the passer. Skov really thrives against the run where he can stack and shed and read the play. While his open field speed isn't the best he has a solid pursuit and always finishes his tackles. He can also do things like this... 821989a3-4fa9-4400-b0ca-0c4c1025d8d3_stanford-leap_medium


4th Round: Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia

While I was contemplating selecting Zack Martin out of ND to fill the RT slot it was impossible to ignore both the talent that is Arthur Lynch and the need that the Texans have at TE. With Owen Daniels rumoured to be a cap casualty this off-season and Garrett Graham a free agent the only TE on the roster right now who will probably be returning next season is the rookie Ryan Griffin. So with a lack of depth at the position Lynch is a perfect fit for this Texans team and for new coach Bill O Brien who values high working TE's which is what he's getting in Lynch. AT originally started off as a primarily blocking TE for Georgia but developed into a pass catching threat and one of Aaron Murray's top targets. He emerged as a favourite red zone target leading the team with 5 TD receptions in his senior season. To add to this he possess great size at 6'5 250lbs which will make him a difficult proposition for safety's and line backers to cover at the next level.

5th Round: Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee

McCullers came into this season with a lot of hype surrounding him especially considering his mammoth size at 6'8 350lbs. His potential as a nose tackle at the next level is fantastic. His combination of size and strength make him a constant nuisance against the run. What's more is that McCullers has a deceptive quickness and high motor mean he's more than just a big body. However while he does posses incredible potential he is still a very raw prospect. He still has to learn how to use his hands correctly, he struggles when asked to get after the passes(As reference by his lack of production) and he's only got two seasons of football under his belt. All this being said if he get's it all together the prospect of having McCullers drawing double teams and getting JJ Watt more favourable match-up's is too damm terrifying to pass up on.

6th Round: Storm Johnson, RB, UCF

Johnson is a player who caught my eye earlier in the year when he showed out in UCF's win against Louisville. Johnson is a powerful ground and pound back up excels when running it between the tackle. He has decent acceleration and a good burst of speed to exploit running lanes. This combined with his solid size(6'1 207) and the Texans need for a back-up RB after Arian Foster makes Johnson a extremely interesting proposition here.

7th Round: Ty Zimmerman, S, Kansas State

The Texans safety situation has been rather dire this past season. Since the loss of Glover Quin and then Ed Reed the Texans have been left under manned on the back end. While DJ Swearinger has showed great potential his would be partner Daniel Manning has been injured and there is no guarantee of returning for next season. If Manning were to leave then the safety core would consist of Swearinger, Shiloh Keo and Eddie Pleasant. While Keo and Pleasant showed flashes they by no means got themselves a starting job for next season. This is where Ty Zimmerman comes in. The 4 year safety has proven rather productive for Kansas with 13 INT's through his career. While he doesn't posses great athleticism his has great intangibles and is considered to be the Kansas defence de facto leader. He has some questions regarding his run defense and his ability to cover faster TE's and RB's but his size(6'1 204) and instincts could make him an interesting prospect to take a flier on in the seventh round.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little mock. If nothing else consider this as like a mini watch list of guys you can go and check out yourself and see what you think.


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