2014 Houston Texans Draft: Take Jadeveon Clowney And Trade For A Quarterback?

Watching Brady throw the ball is about the only thing Ryan Mallett has done in his NFL career. - Jim Rogash

Battle Red Hypotheticals! The Houston Texans decide not to pass up the highly-talented Jadeveon Clowney, and decide to trade for a quarterback instead. Which current NFL quarterback would you be happiest with?

The idea of having Jadeveon Clowney next to J.J. Watt is certainly appealing to me. If he's indeed as athletic and talented (or more-so) than Mario Williams, I would not be upset at all if the Texans decided to take him with the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

That said, this has obviously become a quarterback driven league. Bill O'Brien certainly should know this, having already coached Tom Freaking Brady.

I read this random article from ForwardTimes.com, and the author brought up Ryan Mallett as a possible trade target for… uh… O'Smith-ien?

O'Brien likes big quarterbacks and Mallet is listed as 6'7, 245. He has a great arm and is familiar with O'Brien's schemes. The Texans can use their second pick in the Draft to bring in a quarterback and Mallet, Keenum and the new QB draft pick prepare for the 2014 season.

Gil Brandt of NFL.com has similar ideas:

The idea of trading for a quarterback who's done exactly nothing in his career thus far, is cringe-inducing. Scratch that, he's thrown all of four passes, completed two… one of which was to an opponent.

At least Matt Schaub had some playing time and a few starts for the Falcons behind Michael Vick before the Texans traded for him. Giving Bill Belichick anything more than a third fourth rounder for Mallett would be robbery. Matt Cassel's trade to Kansas City from New England immediately comes to mind.

So if not Mallett, then who? Kirk Cousins often comes up in Comment walls here on BRB. Taking a look at this handy NFL QB depth chart, there's just slim pickings everywhere else.

Discuss the possibilities in the Comments below, folks. In the confines of this post, you must assume the Texans have taken Clowney first overall. Everything else is fair game!

On an unrelated note, please look, laugh at, and share this GIF:


(You might have to click on it)

Andrew Luck's reaction to the playcall received in his headset, combined with the failure of the play itself is priceless:

"Are you ser-- I don't even… if you say so…"

Happy Thursday.

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