How Would You Make Decisions About Coaching Staff, If You Were Head Coach?

Do you say:

I've got 99 days left before the draft. So I need my staff to have 90 days to evaluate talent (both on the team and in FA and in the draft). This gives me 9 more days ( just over a week) to finalize my coaching team before I set them loose on their jobs. They need to be able to be totally focused on having time to evaluate all the talent.

According to Tim's synopsis of the NFL calendar here

Free Agency starts March 11th so as of this writing, that's approximately 6 weeks away.

April 7


Clubs that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2013 regular season may begin offseason workout programs.

That would be us and the Titans-- we get to start offseason workout programs April 7 which is mercifully something to look forward to before the draft.

There's an NFL Regional Combine coming up here in Houston shortly after the Super Bowl.

February 8-9


NFL Regional Combine, Methodist Training Center, Houston, Texas.

Basically, Houston is kicking off the Regional Combines that look to be happening every week from Feb 8- March 9.

Then comes the start of Free Agency on March 11th.

Then comes more Regional Combines every week until the Super Regional combine April 12-13th

April 21


Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs.

That's The Colts and The Jaguars amongst others.

Then we'll have any Free Agent acquisitions sorted out

May 2


Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign Offer Sheets.

May 7


Deadline for Prior Club to exercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents.

Does this mean we can have Free Agents working out for us as early as April 7th?

And we'll know as early as May 7th whether we got those free agents?

And then the almighty draft?

May 8-10


2014 NFL Draft, New York City, New York.

Where we finally get to find out what The Texans will do with the 1st pick of the 2014 draft.

There's plenty of work to be done in this time of upheaval for the Texans. Bill O'Brien has GOT to be winding this down as far as who he's putting in what coaching positions.

Predictions and Questions

So my prediction is that we'll have an announcement of Bill O'Brien's coaching staff on or about February 6th - 8th because he just has to get busy evaluating talent. Not saying that he's been sitting on his thumbs regarding talent evaluation. I'm sure he's delegated substantial work to many currently on his team.

But with limited time before the draft, it's not like O'Brien's staff can evaluate EVERY college player who is in the draft. I just think it would be a better use of time to have your shopping list first then decide who of the players out there fits your shopping list. So right now, I'm guessing they're evaluating what's in the pantry and the refrigerator. What's stale. What's expired. What's still fresh. What can last a few more years.

Which players can still play for the team and which players need to go.

Does choosing BPA really mean that, in fact, you really DO have to evaluate every player in the draft?

Was Rick Smith's team of scouts getting their work done? Do they have their evaluations of BPAs?

When and how does this sort of stuff come together? What part of the BPA evaluations comes from Rick Smith and the scouting team? What part comes from Bill O'Brien and the coaching team?

He said he wants to give all current players a fair evaluation. So I imagine that has to happen before the draft. Doesn't it? I imagine we get to ramp up the roster to 90 something after the draft and UDFA stuff. So we won't need to pare down the roster to 53 until September 4th. So we do still have plenty of time to get this assembled.

How much time between now and the draft do you spend evaluating current roster talent?

The draft is about 14 weeks away. I think I'd want at least 60 days to evaluate draft talent.

So by Feb 25th - ish we can expect to see who we keep? Or will we be evaluating current roster all the way up to September 4th? That doesn't sound fair to the current roster that would end up being cut.

Free Agency starts March 11 and ends May 7th? Did I get those dates right?

If you want to get good talent, you want to get stuff going shortly after the start of Free Agency right? Maybe like wait until the week after the mad rush? Let the really expensive talent go first then get the high value players left after the mad rush?

Wouldn't it be most fair to release the guys you don't want before free agency? How does that work?

How would BRB head coaches handle this?

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