Schaub successful somewhere else!

You heard it here first!!!

Now I am not going to say that Schaub will go on and be the next Tom Brady, but don't be surprised if he goes somewhere else and plays very well and we are wishing we had him back. My reasons for this thought are...

Kubiak comes from the Shanahan (Redskins HC) lineage. They both run the old school west coast offense, which is a great offense when the rythym is flowing but when its figured out its DOOMED! And its compromised to say the least. Also, I get a feeling that Shanahan has an arrogant way about him. While I think Kubiak is a class act, I tend to notice this "we are gonna do this even though you know its coming" attitude from him in his play calling. Something tells me that this could have been passed on to him from Shanahan. I played strong safety in college and when I picked up on a play that I knew the offense was going to run (from film study mainly) are the times I made my biggest plays. Unless the guy was a tremendous athlete it really never mattered who was playing QB,TE, or RB my chances just got better. A mental victory is the best way to describe it. TRUST ME ON THIS....When DBs from other teams are jumping routes on Schaub they had the entire offense figured out because that is a risky thing to do! You only do that when you are 100% sure. Otherwise you could get burned for TD and possibly benched.

Quick summary of the Texans QB season:

Schaub starts off decent..opposing teams adjust...We don't adjust...Schaub having trouble moving the ball.

Kennum comes in and moves the ball (totally different QB). opposing teams adjust...we don't...Keenum starts having trouble moving the ball.

Schaub comes back in a few times and moves the ball OK, I guess. Teams adjust slightly and we have a hard time moving the ball.

Quick summary of the Redskins QB season:

Close to the same thing... RG3 (very talented) moves the ball ok for a while, gets figured out and can't move the ball. Then a little different QB comes in (Cousins) and moves the ball ok at first and then starts having the same problems as well.

To sum everything up. When you can't be deceptive in the NFL its hard to be successful. Most good teams move in and out of many different offenses to avoid this problem (Saints are the best example I think). I think Schaub and RG3 where somewhat in the same boat this year. Other teams had figured them out and it was very hard for them to play well. So don't be surprised if next year with both of them under new offensive schemes are successful next year.


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