Pictures: Wives And Girlfriends Of Your Houston Texans

Hubba, hubba. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of the holiday, known pervert David Corzo trolls the Internet looking for pictures of the ladies who've captured the hearts of some of your Houston Texans.

Owen Daniels & Angela Mecca



Matt Schaub & Laurie Schaub


Duane Brown & "Devi Dev"


Brian Cushing & Megan Ohai (Oh, hi!)


And more... Click on the ladies' names for their picture.

Johnathan Joseph & Delaina Joseph

Brooks Reed & Natalie Petratis

Whitney Mercilus & Channing Grigsby

Arian Foster & Romina Foster (for now...?)

Garrett Graham & Anastasia Graham

T.J. Yates & Amy Galbraith-- No luck with a picture, but I did find a gift registry for their upcoming wedding. Check it out and buy them a set of coasters or something.


These are about all I could find/cared to look for. Hopefully, the ladies are being treated to something special on this most corporate of holidays.

If you'll remember, one of my very first posts here on BRB was this one, asking you guys to share your secrets on how to balance a love of football and a love of not having to sleep on the couch on Sundays. I loved the answers I got. Not surprisingly, quite a few of your men/women embrace your love of the Texans and are just as passionate and crazy about them as anyone.

For any new readers, we'd love to hear from you in the Comments.

- How does your spouse or that special-someone in your life handle you on football Sundays? Do they match your intensity? Are they reluctant participants? Or are they completely MIA?

- Is there an elaborate bargaining system you've brokered that allows you to enjoy football, uninterrupted? Or was this a deal-breaker you established from the beginning?

- Guys: You've been invited to a sports bar to watch the game with a bunch of your best bros. Would you invite your girl? Girls, would you go?

- Conversely, if you're Tommy-Table-For-One this year, how important is it for your future life partner to embrace your love of football?

- And finally the $1,000,000 Question: would you marry a Titans fan? No? How about this one?

Final question for the ladies... can you imagine coming home to this?


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