Wishful Thinking Trade Down Possibility

It seems like we've got our Clowney camp, our Bridgewater camp, and Our Johnny Manziel camp, and nothing is going to really change anyone's mind about who the Texans should take. I guess Clowney could have run a 4.9, or Bridgewater could have weighed in at 185, and that might have changed some opinions. But, for the most part, these guys are what we think they are. It's all a matter of preference as to what each fan believe will get back to winning games the fastest. We also have the camp that says trade down and get extra picks - lord knows we need them.

I consider myself to be in two camps - Teddy and Trade Down. Between Clowney, Watkins, and Robinson, one or two teams might be willing to move up to snag something they feel is special. The key here is that we still manage to get Teddy (at least for me). He'd the most proven and polished QB in this draft doing what he will be asked to do in the pros. That's not to say those other guys can't develop, but Teddy's good now and we know that. No one questions his ability or his effort at the very most important position on the field.

Trading with Cleveland makes the most sense, but that would only happen if they fell in love with Clowney and just had to have him - enough to give up their #4, #26, and #35. That's a lot of love, and they might be willing to wait and just see if he's available at #4. Atlanta seems to want a pass rusher, and TB would most probably be gone by #6. Jax has an interest in Clowney, but they also have several needs so I'm not sure they'd be willing to fork over extra draft picks.

So, the most logical and probable trading partner would have to be Cleveland #1 for #4, #26, and #35

With that, and a little luck...

#4 - T. Bridgewater - QB

#26 - C. Pryor - S

#33 - D. Yankey - OG/T

#35 - T. Murphy - OLB

3rd - D. Jones - NT

4th - C. Jones - LB

5th - C. Gillmore - TE

6th - B. Urban - DE

7th - T. Starr - OLB

Assuming we get at least one comp pick, take a hammer head fullback (Proush)

I know it's a little heavy on LBs, and light on OL, but that just seemed to be where the value was at those spots. Plus, I'm hoping the two guys we drafted last year come back strong from IR.

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