A VIEW FROM ACROSS THE POND: So Free Agency is going well...

Hi guys it is me again, everyone's favourite English teenager. If you missed my first fan post feel free to go back and look at it. In there, I adressed what I would like the Texans to do this offseason, and I recieved a positive response.

You may have noticed that the article almost coincided with the start of free agency. Now last year didn't work out as planned after the big signing of Ed Reed, but still a lot of fans expected the Texans to be relatively active as we continue to rebuild.

How wrong we all are. As I write this at 2pm UK time, the Texans have cut 2 players, resigned Garrett Graham and signed... um....nobody. Matt Schaub has not been released or traded, Ben Tate has signed with the Browns, Antonio Smith has moved on to the Oakland Raiders and even Earl Mitchell has a 4m per year deal.

But we did cut Owen Daniels. To be honest, his cut was the highlight of the week. Also cut was Brice McCain. Neither man has found a contract.


No moves, yet there is still a chance of a signing.

I said last sunday that I wanted Graham and Greg Jones back. We got one of the two. Then I said I wanted a running back, preferably Darren Sproles. Nope. A quarterback? No. A safety, a corner or a nose tackle? No, no and no. What is worse is that there have been very few rumours of texans interest in any player.

So why have we not signed anyone. Though not in the best cap situation we have 12 million to spend. And looking at the remaining free agents there are some good ones. A popular choice for a realistic signing is safety Chris Clemons.url.jpg

But he is not as big a name as other free agents. Maurice Jones Drew is still there, as is Knowshon Moreno. Shaun Phillips, Henry Melton, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Pat Sims and Jared Allen: all available.

Is this Bill O'Brien being cautious before implementing his and Crennel's new systems? I don't know but you would expect at least a signing. we were the worst team in football last year, so it is clear that change is needed.

But it hasn't come, and at the end of the day, we can't do anything as fans. It is up to the staff to decide who to sign and when to sign them. But I am worried, like many fans, that we will again lack key pieces or depth next year.

On the other hand, the offseason is a waiting game. You have to wait for the combine, then Free Agency, then the draft and then Pre-Season. So I will wait for our Front Office to do something, and if and when that moment comes, only then will I write another article. But here's our only signing smiling, to give us hope for the rest of this period. imgres.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this Battle Red Bloggers. Again, follow me on twitter @hlc1221, and have a nice sunday.

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