2014 NFL Draft: Discussing The Trade Down Option

Is Jake Matthews worth trading down for to reload the Texans' roster? - Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I think a good percentage of fans of the NFL draft would love their team to trade down this year. Not just Texans fans, who happen to own the first pick in the draft, but most fans across the NFL. The reason for this is because the talent is pretty equal across the first 10 or so picks, and then it's pretty comparable for the next 20-30 picks. 2014 is a very deep draft, and #1 overall isn't much better than #10 unless you have your eye on one specific player. #33 is a nice pick to have because the draft stops for awhile after #32, and someone will be sitting there available at #33 who would have comparable talent to someone who went much earlier in last year's draft.

So, despite the fact that I seem to want the Texans to trade down just about every year, I really do think this is the year to do it. Unfortunately, everything I just mentioned makes this much more difficult. The only way we are able to trade down is to accept the fact that we're not getting full value at 1.1 (3,000 pts). The Texans are going to have to sell that pick like Mattress Mac trying to save you money! Now, at 2.1, I think we can and will get full value plus some (560 pts).

We've all read the articles stating how the Jaguars would love to have Clowney and how the Bills would like to move up to grab Robinson or Watkins. Neither of those teams would be willing to mortage the furture for it though. By all means, if they're willing to do this, I wouldn't talk them out of it. But, I think we're going ot have to offer them a deal to get it done.

So, here is what I'd love to see the Texans accomplish with the 2014 NFL Draft:

I would take Jax’s 1.3 and 2.7 (2,710 pts) for our 1.1 (3,000). Then, trade 1.3 (2,200 pts) to Buff for 1.9, 2.9, and 3.9 (2,065). We could always try to scratch out a 2015 pick with either of these deals, but I’d take them alone. Finally, we trade 2.1 (560 pts) to SF for 2.23 and 2.28 (640). I don't know who the 49'ers would target at 2.1, but they have a ton of picks and a ton of talent. There are only so many roster spots, so it makes sense for them to package some of their lower picks to move up.

Our top Picks – 1.9, 2.7, 2.9, 2.23, 2.28, and 3.9. I think this > 1.1 and 2.1

And with those picks, I'm so glad you asked...

1.9 - Matthews or Martin- RT

2.7 - Hageman or Tuit - DE

2.9 - Garappollo, Mettenburger, or McCarron - QB

2.23 - Murphy, Reilly, or Jones - OLB

2.28 - Yankey, Thomas, Jackson - G

3.1 - Gaines, Fuller, or Purifoy - CR

3.9 - Boreland or Skov - ILB or Jones or Quarles - DE

4.1 - Sankey, Seastrunk, Sims, or Hill - RB

4.35 - Ellis, McClullers, or Carrethers - NT

5.1 - Fiedorowicz, Lynch, Gillmore - TE

6.1 - Savage, Shaw, or Vaughn - QB

6.5 - Prosch, Millard, Hewitt - FB

6.35 - Larsen, Stork, Bodine, or Ikard - C

7.1 and 7.42 - anyone here that fell

I know with this draft, we still have a shakey situation at QB. But, I'm not sure that's still not the case if we take one at 1.1. If we do keep 1.1, I'm in favor of drafting TBW. Of course, I'd take him at 1.9 if he was available there too. But, I really like the ones I listed at 2.9 and 6.1 too. What do you think?

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