An English Texan:A View From Across The Pond

Whether it be staying up on a Sunday night to watch Brian Cushing get injured, or waking up on Monday morning to here how again we lost to a playoff team by less than 7, this season was hard for me.

I am not someone who has watched this team for years. I am 14 years old, and in my second year of my senior school, where I will stay until university/college. i came across the Texans in Madden 08 and adopted them as my NFL team seriously 2 years ago. My love has grown over these years of watching them, and one of my dreams is to watch them at Reliant Stadium.

Yet after this season, I'm not sure whether I want to.

It is easy to blame Kubiak, Phillips and the rest of our coaches. But for me, the real problem lies with our front office. Simply put, our signings last year were diabolical. ED REED. Never have I seen someone in any sport who has been lauded with one team, then been so bad at another.

Joe Mays. Just shift Brooks Reed inside and get Ryan Shazier in Round 2 or a OLB in round 3

This offseason is simple. It is clear what our needs are go and fill them. Here is my offseason plan that revolves around Clowney.


I believe that Clowney could be Watt like if mentored by the man himself. Picking him up at 1,1 would make andrew luck want to move out of Indy.

Then we come to QB. Obviously Bortles, Manziel and Teddy are gone by the 2nd, and picking Carr, after the stories I've heard of his brother, would end in a mass shooting of the Texans staff. But what about Garroppolo or another QB in round 2/3. The small school prospect was privately worked out by the Texans so we may like him, and there are others like Murray or Boyd.

However none of these would be able to start right away, at least not without a veteran to tutor them. There are so many options who could be tradeable, and Mallett or Osweiler may both work. McCown could do a job as well, so this would work well.

Then comes other holes needed to be filled, signings and cuts that need to be made.

CUTS: Schaub, Daniels, Newton.

SIGNINGS: Graham, Greg Jones, a RB (Sproles?), OT, QB, perhaps players at DT, S, LB, G or corner

So that leaves a solid team. These are the starters in this situation:


FB: Jones

RB: Foster

WR: Johnson and Hopkins

TE: Graham and Griffin in 2TE sets

O-Line: Brown, Quessenberry, Myers, Brooks, B.Williams

DE: Watt and Clowney

NT: McCullers please or another big body in rounds 3+ or through FA

OLB: Shazier or another drafted and Mercilus

ILB: Cushing and Reed

CB: Joseph and Jackson

S: Manning and Swearinger

K: Bullock

P: Lechler

KR: Martin/Sproles

PR: Martin/Sproles


So what do you think? Leave comments and I will try to respond to all of them.

Please be aware I've never written online before, but be shore to folio me on twitter @hlc1221.


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