2014 NFL Mock Draft: Clowney, Carr Come To Houston In Fanspeak's Second Mock With 'On The Clock'

What was that saying about history, and it being doomed to repeat itself? - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Shoup of Fanspeak explains his second of three Houston Texans mock drafts made for us to ponder over here at Battle Red Blog. Could we possibly stomach another Carr wearing deep steel blue on Sundays?

My shameless outsourcing continues as we unveil Steve Shoup's second mock draft scenario-- this time with the Texans staying at 1.1 and taking the (almost) undisputed best player available in Jadeveon Clowney.

Down For Clowney

Pick Name Position School
1 Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina
33 Derek Carr QB Fresno State
70 Shane Skov ILB Stanford
101 Phillip Gaines CB Rice
135 Brett Smith QB Wyoming
141 Taylor Hart DE Oregon
144 Will Clark DE WVU
177 Storm Johnson RB UCF
181 Tevin Reese WR Baylor
211 Devin Kennard OLB USC
216 Nevin Lawson CB Utah State
256 Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

Once again, click here (actually, it looks like the links got crossed... sorry about that) to see the full mock draft results, and click on the name of each player to see their profile on DraftBreakdown.com. Take it away, Steve:

In this draft I wanted to look at a scenario involving taking DE Jadeveon Clowney with the top overall pick. Clowney at number 1 is gaining steam in some draft circles and it makes some sense as he looks to be the best player in this draft. I didn't make any big trade backs, but I did pick up a couple additional picks later in the draft.

The Clowney scenario worked out pretty well here as I was able to still land Derek Carr in the 2nd round. I know some Texans fans might not like the idea of a Carr at QB, but this is a completely different scenario and Carr is a legit prospect. Though I took Carr at the top of the 2nd round, I still felt adding another young quarterback made sense and grabbed Brett Smith in the 4th round. Smith isn't as refined as Carr, but he's got some nice potential. Grabbing two quarterbacks with starting upside should give the Texans a better chance of landing a franchise QB and they didn't even have to use a first round pick.

Shane Skov could challenge for a starting job early and Phillip Gaines could be in the mix for the nickel role. Throughout the rest of the draft I was primarily focused with adding depth, particularly on defense.

"Some Texans fans might not like the idea of a Carr at QB" might be the understatement to end all understatements, but I understand the thinking here. The only person left in the organization to remember what it was like to have David Carr is Bob McNair (and his son, probably), and while he isn't much of a meddler, I can't imagine him not stepping in and vetoing this one.

Some of you mentioned Colt Lyerla as a "why not?" 7th rounder, and Shoup agrees with you this time. It would be very interesting to see the Texans taking a flyer on a high-risk player like him. Can't be that risky for a 7th rounder, can it?

Overall, it's not a bad haul, but I'm definitely loving the first version of Steve's mock a little better.

Leave your thoughts on this mock, and create your own over at Fanspeak if you wish.

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