2014 nfl mock draft first 10 picks

Since it's full on mock draft season, I thought I would give it a go. While the world will change come draft day, here is how I think it could possibly turn out. Who knows I could be completely crazy. For most of this I will be going BPA as this draft is ridiculous in its available talent. It's something I have wanted to do so here it is.

1.1 Houston Texans

Jadaveon Clowney

Clowney blew everyone away at his pro day, demonstrating greater flexibility and ability to perform LB drills that most were worried he wouldn't. The idea of pairing him and Watt will entice the FO to make it happen barring a trade down. I think there will be a QB free fall with at least 1 of the top prospects falling to the second round.

1.2 ST Louis Rams

Jake Matthews

Barring a trade, I think the Rams bank on Bradford having a better year with a better OL. I know a lot of people want Robinson here but I think the Fisher Matthews connections will make him take Jake over Robinson as he is more familiar with the kid than the others.

1.3 Jacksonville Jaguars

Khalil Mack

Here is another team that needs a QB passing on one. Mack is a truck that will be insane to pass up. I think that they would take a QB if both Mack and Clowney gone but with 1 of the 2 still there, this is what I would take if I was them.

1.4 Cleveland Browns

Sammy watkins

This was harder for me to decide than the others. JFF does not fit too well with Kyle Shanahan. Yes I know, Shanahan coached RGIII but in my mind it means he saw the dangers of a young run first QB who is on the smaller size. The only other pick I would say would be Bortles but Bortles could be there at 26, Watkins will not.

1.5 Oakland Raiders

Mike Evans

So the Raiders now have Schaub, all he needs is someone to catch it when he throws. After years of throwing to a big bodied receiver in the G.O.A.T., he gets a new shiny toy in a similar mold.

1.6 Atlanta Falcons

Greg Robinson

After the beating Matt Ryan took last year, the Falcons go in on keeping their franchise QB upright more often. I could see them taking Barr here but I think it's more important to their game overall to keep Matty-Ice upright and protected. In Robinson, they get a mauler and a more raw prospect than other tackles but I think he fits in quite nicely.

1.7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Darqueze Dennard

Now I know this might sound crazy but they lost Reevis this year and haven't really replaced him. They take a shot at the top CB on the board. Another option for them is Anthony Barr but I think this is a more crucial need than people realize.

1.8 Minnesota Vikings

Johnny Manziel

First QB off the board. The reason I had them take Manziel is that 1, I think he could be perfect paired up with Peterson to take some pressure off him and Patterson to make the catches. 2, the other big position of need is on the pass rush and the top prospects are gone. By drafting Manziel, they hopefully fix the QB problem and at the same time go BPA at this point.

1.9Buffalo Bills

Anthony Barr

A long time ago, in football season that most texans fans have buried away, everyone thought that this was the landing spot for Khalil Mack. Granted at that time Barr was a better prospect and no one but the texans had any idea where they would be drafting. Barr is a raw prospect that could thrive here. The other potential would be Ha-ha Clinton-Dix to replace Byrd.

1.10 Detroit Lions

Kyle Fuller

What did the Seahawks show us last year? They showed us that you need a dominant secondary to have a top defense. While I don't think fuller will make them a top secondary, I do think you have to start somewhere. And with getting Tate, WR is no longer the top need for them.

Let me know what you think, I'll be adding the rest of the draft later on when my life is not as crazy, hopefully some time before the draft

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