Andre Johnson no longer wants to be a Texan



Andre Johnson is not on board with another Texans rebuild.

The veteran wide receiver said Tuesday he’s highly frustrated with the state of a franchise that went 2-14 last season. Johnson doesn’t plan to attend OTAs or an upcoming mandatory camp and is uncertain whether he wants to remain a Texan this year.

"Is this still the place for me?" Johnson asked following a media event, in which he presented the Houston Women’s Center with a $30,000 check.

Johnson missed last week’s first voluntary workout with new Texans coach Bill O’Brien.

The veteran addressed the situation for the first time Tuesday.

Johnson, 32, is entering his 12th season with the Texans. The No. 3 overall pick of the 2003 NFL draft is the lone remaining athlete from the franchise’s expansion era. He’s been through Dom Capers, David Carr, Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub. After watching the Texans fall apart in 2013, posting the league’s worst record, the seven-time Pro Bowler said he and the only team he’s ever played for are clearly at different stages.

"Nobody’s been here as long as I have. You just kind of look at things; I’ve been thinking about things this offseason," Johnson said. "And I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me?’ "

Johnson leads the Texans in all-time receptions (927), receiving yards (12,261) and receiving touchdowns (61).

He’s been frustrated with the Texans before. But this is the first time in recent years Johnson has allowed his feelings to boil over, in essence calling out the Texans for another slow rebuild. In the past, Johnson’s frustration was quieted before his feelings became public.

Owner Bob McNair said after Kubiak was fired the Texans wouldn’t take a step backward in 2014. But while the franchise had a strong draft on paper, adding No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney, the team lacks a proven starter at quarterback and didn’t sign any big-name free agents this offseason.

"When you bring a new coach in, you go through a rebuilding process," Johnson said. "Some people say it’s not. Some people say it’s a quick fix. Everybody has their own opinion. But I’ve been through the situation more than once."

More than anything, Johnson made it clear the Texans’ losing has simply worn on him. Since 2003, the Texans have posted six losing seasons and only two with 10-plus wins. They went 12-4 in 2012 but collapsed last year. In all, Johnson’s only been part of two playoff wins in 11 years.

"I just look at my career. … I’ve only been to the playoffs twice. I think we’ve only had three winning seasons," said Johnson, who at least twice last season expressed his frustration on the field during games. "I don’t think any player wants to experience that. I think over time it can become very frustrating. And this offseason has been very frustrating for me; beginning of the offseason, I should say. That’s just kind of where I’m at right now."

Johnson said he keeps in contact with the Texans, talking with the club at least once every other week. He also made it clear he hasn’t requested a trade and isn’t concerned with his contract. For a Texan who could one day be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it’s more about the franchise’s failings in the past and uncertain future than anything else.

"I’m just taking some time, thinking about some things," Johnson said. "You know, when I make my decision I’ll make my decision and go from there."

I knew this day was going to come, it would be a sorry state of affairs to see a Texan-less Andre Johnson. Here is a list of teams that could absorb his contract as we speak minus the AFC South teams of course:

2 New York Jets

3 Cleveland Browns

4 Cincinnati Bengals

5 Pittsburgh Steelers

6 Philadelphia Eagles


10 Miami Dolphins

11 Green Bay Packers

12 Arizona Cardinals

13 Atlanta Falcons

14 Dallas Cowboys

15 Minnesota Vikings

16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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