Former Houston Texans Coaches: Where Are They Now?

Whatever it is that they're looking at, it ain't pretty. - Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Gary Kubiak – Now the Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Last season Baltimore experienced deficient play from their offensive line. Kubiak is famous for his zone-blocking run, play-action pass West Coast offensive scheme. We could talk all day about what that might mean. It can be very effective. It can also be very execution dependent. Every player is playing a role and if one player misses their assignment, it could spell disaster for any single play. But, how is that different from any other offensive system?

Kubiak has more finite control at Baltimore, as he is not the head coach and final say on every move. He has a new QB, a new offensive line, new tight ends, new wide receivers, new running backs. Flacco and Rice have won at the highest level in the recent past. They faltered last season. Kubiak gives them hope and change. Will it be enough?

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison – Now the QB Coach for the Baltimore Ravens. He knows what Kubiak wants. He has Joe Flacco to work with, a larger, more mobile QB than Matt Schaub and definitely larger and more experienced than Case Keenum. Flacco just had his worst season, statistically, and he is looking to reverse that. He’s going to need the symbiotic relationship of Kubiak and Dennison to help him learn the new system and make it work. So far, we have heard nothing but praise from Flacco in OTAs as the Ravens go forward in their learning process.

Tight Ends Coach Brian Pariani – Now the Tight Ends Coach for the Baltimore Ravens. He completes the troika of coaches that literally transferred from the 2-14 Houston Texans to the underperforming Baltimore Ravens. The tight end position was a huge part of the Texans West Coast offense and that should and that should continue with the Ravens. We know he was versatile in incorporating players like Owen Daniels, Joel Dreesen, Garret Graham and James Casey into effective players, when healthy.

Special Teams Coordinator 2001-2013, Joe Marciano – I don’t know. He has no apparent internet footprint.

Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips – We all know Wade as a down-home Texan who doesn’t mince words and earns your respect with plain talk. He recommended that the Texans draft Johnny Manziel. Perhaps, that is why he wasn't offered the Texans head coach position... We all know what happened there. The Texans will move from Phillips’ 3-4 that was more like a 4-3 to Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 that is closer to a traditional 3-4. But, really, how can you categorize a defense when much of the time a defense is reacting to what an offense is doing and as a result that defense will be in multiple formations from play to play depending on so many factors. Anyways, Wade Phillips was last seen in England doing draft analysis. What will be his next move? I don’t know. He’s 66 and apparently not in any rush to assume another NFL coaching spot.

Defensive Line Coach Bill Kollar – He and WR Coach Larry Kirksey are the only holdovers from the Kubiak regime still with the Texans. He’s a vocal and hard-nosed practice coach who doesn't hold anything back. He has the easiest job in the NFL, coaching perennial phenom JJ Watt and 2014 number one pick Jadeveon Clowney. He has experienced nose tackle Jerrel Powe who played under Romeo Crennel in KC and rookie Louis Nix who the Texans coveted and traded up to take in the 3rd round of the 2014 draft. Kollar should be salivating, as am I, over his prospects to create a defensive turmoil this season with these players. Yes, Clowney is projecting as an OLB in the Texans 3-4, but he should have plenty of opportunity to put his hand in the dirt this season.

Defensive Secondary Coach Vance Joseph - Once heralded and credited for turning around the Texans defensive secondary; he saw things slack off greatly last season. Was it coaching, the players, poor QB pressure, injuries, or all of the above? Anyways, he's off to the Cincinnati Bengals where he is sharing Defensive Secondary Coach duties and tasked to turn Taylor Mays into a perennial All-Pro Safety. Good luck with that!

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