OT: BRB World Cup watchers -- gab about the world cup with your friends from BRB

The world cup is starting today. I think I remember watching Klinsmann playing in the world cup and if you were a fan of Argentina (and I was) then Klinsmann was one of those players that you loved to hate. He was just so good. He was like the Peyton Manning or Tom Brady of the Soccer World -- he was an elite striker.

If I've got my soccer terminology correct, a striker is a type of forward.

Now Klinsmann's the head coach for the United States (he and his wife live in California). Klinsmann was a pivotal player for the West German team when they beat Argentina to win the World Cup back in 1990. He was there in West Germany for the - Re-unification of Germany which was finalized on October 3rd, 1990.

I'm totally fascinated with Klinsmann now that he's our coach. I think he's the best coach we've ever had for the USMNT for soccer. The passing is better now than it was under coach Bradley.

Now that Klinsmann is our coach, I find it fascinating that West Germany made it to the the final World Cup competition 3 times in a row. And they finally won then in 1990. (That's like going to the Superb Owl 3 times in a row and winning the final time).

Anyway, I don't know tons about Soccer - just little snippets here and there. But post your comments and thoughts about the USA in The 2014 World Cup.

Viva USA!

and this one too =D

Edit Saturday, June 14, 2014

Found this interesting article about how Klinsmann must play Julian Green on Monday against Ghana. I never would have thought of it this way but here is the link in case you're curious. It's a very interesting perspective. After reading the article, I agree with

Edit Tuesday June 24, 2014

Well after the Portugal game . . . I found these links and quotations

here's a clip of the title of the article

Jürgen Klinsmann’s progress with USA has fans now expecting success Fans’ dejection shows how far USA have come when a draw against Portugal is seen as a failure and some other great snippets

Somewhere along the way, the USA bought into Klinsmann’s vision of a team who play on the front foot and imposes their own agenda on the game. It is a style which he believes to be a better fit for the American national identity than the more cautious, reactive approach that they have deployed in the past. He led by example, showing his own confidence as a manager by discarding Landon Donovan even when he knew fans would object.
Against Portugal on Sunday, his players showed a similar self-belief – playing their own game and obliging their opponents to adjust their schemes rather than the other way around. Repeating such a performance against Germany will not be straightforward. But then neither was getting here in the first place.

and HA! This is a recap of the interview I saw from a USA player about the Spurs being a team beating individuals like Renaldo.

Before the game against Portugal, the midfielder Jermaine Jones had compared the USA’s task to that of the San Antonio Spurs in the recent NBA Finals. They too had found themselves up against a team containing the supposed best player on the planet – LeBron James serving as basketball’s answer to Cristiano Ronaldo.

LOL I mean look at what some fans are saying:

The mood was distinctly subdued. "Just imagine how different this place would have looked if we hadn’t conceded that goal," said one supporter, as he and a friend discussed their team’s chances of making it through to the last 16.

Portugal was the #4 team in the world. LOL we were almost winning against the #4 team in the world. =D We can DO this!

Edit Tuesday June 24, 2014

11:28am Houston time
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