Houston Texans' Travel Distance For The 2014 Season (Complete With Handy Map)

Lennart Preiss

The Texans will be traveling a lot this coming fall, but they won't be logging nearly as many frequent flyer miles as some other unfortunate teams. Check out where they rank and a map showing where they're headed.

The Gulf Coast might be one of the hottest, muggiest parts of America in these summer months, but when it comes to travel distances for professional sports teams, it helps to be located close to the middle of the country. While east and west coast teams like the Raiders and Dolphins rack up miles crisscrossing the continental United States (or going to other continents entirely), teams located more towards America’s heartland like the Colts, Browns, and Steelers enjoy relatively light jet lag. The Texans in particular have the 17th highest total travel mileage for this upcoming season, as they're scheduled to traverse a total of 15,848 miles. The Raiders come in first with 36,106 miles (thanks, London) while the Steelers bring up the rear with a measly 5,896 miles.

Here is the list of projected mileage traveled for each NFL team in its entirety via CBS Sports. Numbers in parentheses represent road games with a travel distance of 2,000 miles or more.

1. Raiders: 36,106 miles (4 -- including London)
2. Seahawks: 26,144 (3)
3. Cowboys: 24,746 (1 -- including London)
4. Dolphins: 24,546 (1 -- including London)
5. Jaguars: 22,230 (2 -- including London)
6. Chargers: 20,186 (3)
7. 49ers: 19,932 (1)
8. Rams: 17,850 (0)
9. Cardinals: 17,728 (1)
10. Chiefs: 17,658 (0)
11. Eagles: 17,572 (2)
12. Falcons: 17,320 (1 -- including London)
13. Redskins: 17,268 (2)
14. Broncos: 17,258 (0)
15. Patriots: 16,722 (1)
16. Lions: 16,242 (1 -- including London)
17. Texans: 15,848 (0)
18. Jets: 15,130 (1)
19. Bills: 14,932 (1)
20. Giants: 14,016 (1)
21. Packers: 12,812 (0)
22. Vikings: 12,460 (0)
23. Buccaneers: 12,082 (0)
24. Saints: 11,268 (0)
25. Ravens: 10,976 (0)
26. Bears: 10,704 (0)
27. Colts: 9,664 (0)
28. Panthers: 8,438 (0)
29. Bengals: 8,222 (0)
30. Titans: 7,958 (0)
31. Browns: 6,084 (0)
32. Steelers: 5,896 (0)

Pro Football Reference has a handy little travel map for the Texans' 2014 travels, for the visual learners in the room.


Are you going to any Texans road games this year? If so, what is your travel mileage for the 2014 season?

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