Houston Texans News: July 8, 2014

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Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

Houston Texans News

Houston Texans' top play: J.J. Watt's pick-six - ESPN
This is one of three nominations for the most memorable play in Houston Texans history. In the next two days, we’ll feature the Rosencopter...

Clowney talks NFL goals, rookie goals
At the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio, Jadeveon Clowney opened up about what he wants to accomplish as an NFL player and as a rookie.

Scouting the South: Houston Texans Preview - Music City Miracles
We begin our look at the Titans' division rivals with a team that went from first to worst in one quick season.

Fantasy Football Team Preview - Houston Texans - Fake Teams
Brad Duffendack (@Duff_Football) takes you in-depth into the current skill position roster of the 2014 Houston Texans to give you all you need to know to prepare for what Bill O'Brien will bring to the new offense and which players will be featured.

Around the League

Robert Griffin III is a bad influence on Johnny Manziel - SBNation.com
Browns fans should regard the picture of Johnny Manziel rolling up money as a positive. I mean when was the last time a Browns QB sniffed anything resembling a goal line from inside a 20?

Judge gives preliminary approval to NFL concussion settlement - SBNation.com
Judge Anita Brody signed off with preliminary approval of the league's concussion settlement with former players.

After the Axe: Jim Schwartz built a better coach - SBNation.com
Schwartz learned the hard way about letting his emotions get the better of him during his days with the Lions. Now, he has a way around that, a secret the mad scientist himself shared with Ryan Nanni in a completely fictional interview.

Sam Bradford's still searching for a happy medium - SBNation.com
Sam Bradford was the next Peyton Manning, then he was a bust. Can he settle in between this season?

Mike Florio refuses to speculate in speculative post about Johnny Manziel - SBNation.com
Mike Florio knows exactly what people in nightclubs do with rolled up dollar bills. But he's not going to speculate about it. Nope. Not at all.

Roger Goodell could change the landscape of the AFC North - Behind the Steel Curtain
With a couple suspensions still pending from Roger Goodell and the league office, the decisions made could have giant ramifications on the AFC North.

Houston & Collegiate Sports

Astros 12, Rangers 7: Astros thump Rangers to end losing streak - The Crawfish Boxes
Astros string together five-straight singles and a triple to jump out early on the Rangers for the win.

Rockets offer Chris Bosh 4-year maximum contract, according to report - SBNation.com
Will Chris Bosh leave Miami for a big offer from the Rockets?

Who Wants ODB Swag? - Our Daily Bears
There is a painful absence of Our Daily Bears chotchkies available to the public. Let's do something about that.

Why was Johnny Manziel rolling a twenty dollar bill in a Las Vegas bathroom? - Good Bull Hunting
Johnny Manziel was caught on film again, this time in a Vegas bathroom rolling money for unexplained reasons. So, we came up with explanations.

My Letter To The Board Of Regents Concerning President Bill Powers - Barking Carnival
/Reposting in light of current events/ Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board – I am writing to express my support for President Bill Powers in the strongest possible terms. You are of course...

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