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Sam Montgomery Switching Positions

Mark Berman reports that Texans rookie Sam Montgomery will be changing jersey numbers and moving from outside linebacker in Wade Phillips' defense.

Unnecessary Film Study: The Punt Return Touchdown

It's only unnecessary because I'm showing you things you already know, but the devil is in the details. Let's take a look at the punt return touchdown coughed up by the Houston Texans' coverage unit in Baltimore.

Houston Texans Week 3 Review

Come read about penalties, mourning Duane Brown's toe, and other analysis in Battle Red Blog's Week Three Review of the Texans' loss to Baltimore.

MNF Open Thread: Raiders v. Broncos

The AFC West takes center stage as the Raiders travel to Denver to take on the Broncos under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. Talk about the game and forget about the Texans for awhile in Battle Red Blog's open thread.

Injury Updates On Andre Johnson, Duane Brown

Thanks to Gary Kubiak, here's the latest on the health of the Texans' All-World wide receiver and All-World left tackle.


Captain's Log Week 3 - Texans v. Ravens

One fan's unique take on the goings-on of the Houston Texans frustrating loss versus the Baltimore Ravens.

This Week In Pictures: Texans v. Ravens

Try not to pull a muscle in your neck as you shake your head in disgust while reviewing the photography from yesterday's game versus the Baltimore Ravens. The Texans lost 30-9.

Texans Week 3 Hero & Goat: Disappointment Abounds

I'm tempted to just list the entire roster and coaching staff under goats, but someone had to play well in Houston's week 3 loss to Baltimore, right?

Hair Of The Dog: Flagged For Disgust

If you've ever gotten all excited to go to a really nice restaurant only to get food poisoning and embarrass yourself by puking all over the waiter, then you probably know what it felt like to watch the Texans lose to the Ravens yesterday.

SNF Open Thread: Bears v. Steelers

The Bears are off to a surprising undefeated start. The Steelers are still searching for their first win. One of these teams is losing the "0" in half of their win-loss record tonight. Talk about SNF as it unfolds in BRB's open thread.

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