Texans Recaps and Post-Game Threads

Recaps of and reaction the week's Houston Texans game.

Houston Texans Take Care Of Business, Handle Jags

The Houston Texans handled the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-7 to move to 2-0 on the season.

Texans - 30, Dolphins - 10: Post Game Open Thread

After a slow start that stretched almost the entire first half, J.J. Watt went Super Saiyan and the Bulls On Parade generated four turnovers. [Related: Kareem Jackson got an interception. This is...

Texans 28, Vikings 24: Post-Game Reaction

Postgame reaction from the Texans' preseason finale win over the Vikings at Reliant Stadium.

Saints - 34, Texans - 27: Postgame Open Thread

Quick-hit reactions: 1. Garrett Graham is quickly going to make the "we should have re-signed Joel Dreessen" crowd feel really silly. 2. A couple years ago, long before Wade arrived and made the...

Texans - 20, 49ers - 9: Post-Game Open Thread

You know what is more difficult than you'd expect? Writing the setup for a post-game thread when you weren't actually able to watch any of said game. BECAUSE THANKS NFL NETWORK! Yet here I am,...

Texans - 26, Panthers - 13: Post-Game Open Thread

Look, we know the final score of a preseason game doesn't matter. Heck, the Rams won all four of theirs last year. That said, after being sans footed balls for what felt like roughly 37 years,...

Post Game Open Thread: Ravens 20, Texans 13

I think MDC's email says it all: Can someone who is hopefully more sober and less homicidal throw up a post-game thread? I'm f***ng spent and will likely devolve into something that will get us...

Forming An Identity: Texans Beat Bengals, Move On To Baltimore


The City of Houston and their Texans both found an identity in Saturday's Wild Card win.

Titans -- 23, Texans/B -- 22: Post-Game Open Thread


Dear Titans Fans, Your starters beat JAKE DELHOMME and a bunch of backups by one point. Ponder that before you start acting like your team was anything short of underwhelming today. Yours,MDC P.S....

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