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BRBAPALOOZA: Only Two Weeks Away!


We're only two weeks away from the next edition of BRBAPALOOZA. This time, it's a Texans-Colts watch party.

Battle Red Onion: Texans Fans, Bloggers, Plot Revenge Against Football Gods for Injuries


In this week's Battle Red Onion, the Texans local bloggers take their pitchforks and plan their revenge against the god of injuries. Vengeance will be ours!

Gillette ProGlide Top 5 Defensive Plays: Week 13


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Defensive Plays of Week 13. Jason Allen gets two nominations, but my money is on Dunta Robinson.


Kubiak Konundrum -- Atlanta Falcons Edition

A Texans fan looks at Gary Kubiak's coaching decisions from the win over the Falcons.


Your Week 14 Rooting Guide For The Houston Texans

A look at what needs to happen for the Texans' playoff chances as Week 14 approaches.

Battle Red Radio: Yay-tes! (9 P.M. CT)


Yep, we still have a radio show. The FCC would have pulled us months ago. Mainly because of the shows where MDC and BFD are on together.

Report: Texans Waive Kellen Clemens, Will Supposedly Sign Jeff Garcia (UPDATE: And Matt Turk)


The Houston Texans make yet another move at QB. It's all part of a master plan. UPDATE: Also, a punter. The Texans signed a punter.

2DH: Kareem Jackson, Interceptor of Footballs

Where Michigan football, the Houston Texans, Back To The Future 2, and the Pythagorean Theorem collide. The Two-Day Hangover for Week 13.

Thoughts From The Ninth Victory Of The 2011 Season: Falcons v. Texans


This is not the Post-Game Breakdown of Falcons-Texans. It is merely a look at that game. Also, please don't step on that crack, lest you break your mother's back.

Falcons v. Texans: This Week In The Red Zone, or Hooray for Weejay!


This week's red zone review has the Texans playing their third quarterback in as many weeks. Will their trips to the red zone be as fruitful as they have in the past?

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