General BRB Idiocy

Two Minutes Of Hate: The Indianapolis Colts

In this post, we look at the Texans' upcoming opponent and determine what completely arbitrary things we should hate about them. Why? Because it's funny, and I have unresolved anger issues.


Ask A Colts Fan Anything

Like how do you sleep at night knowing you went from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck at the low, low price of one losing season? Also, where do you get the nerve?

Predicting The Texans' Record At The Bye

With the Houston Texans getting back to work and the second half of the season looming, what's your best guess as to what the team's record will be at the end of the 2013 regular season?

SNF Open Thread: Packers-Vikings

Somehow, America did something terrible and has to be subjected to the Minnesota Vikings for the second time in six days. Talk about Green Bay-Minnesota as it unfolds in Battle Red Blog's Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks - Week 8

Sit back and relax this week, knowing that there's no way your Houston Texans can lose their sixth straight game. Feels good, doesn't it? Read on for Battle Red Blog's Week 8 picks brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

B.R.O.: Texans Coach Receives Surprise Gift

Not 24 hours after three Texans were waived for hilarious shenanigans does a Texans coach fall prey to the same problem. Find out more here.

It's been a tough season... here's a little pick-me-up


Thanks to Caradryan for posting this in the Comments.

I felt it needed some attention while we're neck-deep in a 2-5 season. This may or may not get deleted by Tim, so enjoy!

Deep Steel Blueprint: Is Losing Now Winning Later?

Have the Houston Texans begun following the Blueprint for dynasty building? At 2-4 and with a game against the undefeated Chiefs on deck, it's as good a time to ask that question as any.

Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: Week 7

Cool off with some hot and spicy NFL picks for Week 7. Also catch an update on who's king of Battle Red Blog's Pick 'Em leagues.

Battle Red Radio, Episode XLVIII

You've read our words, now hear our voices in this week's episode of Battle Red Radio.

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